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New Melbournian's First Own Thread

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mr White, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Glad to be making my first thread here on netrider.

    Ill keep it simple here, Im a 20 yr old in the western suburbs of Melbourne with 'some' riding experience (Mostly around the paddock..) and I've recently acquired my Learner riding license.

    I've also recently acquired two motor bikes.. neither of them ridable on the road yet :p

    Boring extra info below :

    I want to be really smart with my cash as I'm basically burning in to my 'Traveling funds' but its for a good cause right?

    So first I've got an old GPX 250 '89 Model for $300. Thats all I would give the guy since it seems like he has abused it up and down his dusty country road. Im pretty happy with learning how to fix it up though :) (even though I havnt actually ridden it yet)

    I might add that the reason I found this forum and joined is because of all the helpful threads I found when researching for my Kawa.

    My next purchase, slightly more interesting, is a 1983 Suzuki GSX 250. Its older than me but probably in better condition, bar a few broken things. Its hard to ride it more than 20km/h up and down my street as it doesnt have a front brake lever... 8-[

    Its kind of difficult finding manuals, information, help and parts for this bike.. SO im hoping I will find help on this forum.

    Also considering becoming a paying member already, especially if it means extra discounts for the Gear I most certainly need to buy!

  2. Welcome to NR! Nothing like learning how to fix a bike when you have an alternative ride.
  3. Welcome to the NutHouse :D
  4. Welcome to NR.
  5. Welcome to NR Mr White and good luck with the projects. They will help develop your mechanical knowledge wich is never a bad thing.
  6. Welcome. You can never have too many motorcycles.
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  7. Welcome and good luck with your projects.
  8. haha thanks guys
  9. welcome to NR
  10. Welcome in mate. If you want discounts on gear, get yourself over to the Vic Rides section and look for the Bikemart shopping night. You'll save yourself some serious dosh!