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New Melbournian here :-)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Reesa, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi there, long time lurker, relatively recent poster here. Been riding for about a year and a half so far. Started on a 250 Vstar, rode it up Mt Hotham and wanted to hurl it off the edge. Upgraded to an XVS 650 and life was easier albeit noisier with much vibration.

    Been off restrictions for 6 months now and am in a lovely relationship with a brand new Street Triple. He's everything I've ever wanted and more. I'm in love. Hoping to catch up with some Melbourne peeps for group rides when the weather is more predictable (yes I realise the irony of a Melbournian saying this)

  2. hi Lisa n welcmoe to NR, you missed a lovely ride to Dayleford yesterday but as you probably know from reading on here that alot more rides are on the cards in the future. enjoy and keep smiling :)
  3. I did? Bugger! Haven't ridden out that way yet. I went on my own up to yea today via Whittlesea & that lovely duel lane hill - noticed it's been speed limited to 80 - could have sworn it was 100 earlier this year - am I going mad?
  4. thread about the speed drop put up earlier in the week I think, and yesterday was about 85 bikes!! someone else missed out yesterdays from the sat morn newbee club and suggested maybe another ride with a smaller group in near future, tis a lovely ride out, also would be handy if you like chocolate as the ride includes a visit to the chocolate mills there :)
    if you want to pop down and say hi on sat morn prac [I know youre not a mebee] but alot of people get together for rides thru that gathering.
  5. 85 bikes, wow! That's an awesome turnout. I'd love to come along for one of those.
    Female = loves chocolate :)
  6. twas a special occassion was a fund raiser and everyone was wrapt to take part, chocolate is not just related towards females!! My tummy can confirm that one lol as I said, heads up and and keep your eyes peeled!!
    There are quite a few riders [advanced] that get out through the week!!
    have a snoop around!! Oh if you want to attend the sat morn prac sessions, some turn up from 8:30 at DJ's in st kilda!!
  7. Welcome to NR Lisa enjoy the ride
  8. Thanks aussie :)

    @ Goddie yeah i just checked a few of the weekly rides out, Wed night sounds good. Sat practice sounds interesting too - I need to practice slow turning on the STriple, my u-turns really suck at the moment
  9. well sat morn prac sessions might be the spot to do it safely
  10. Welcome to NR Lisa...hope you enjoy the stay without being too grossed out by some of the interesting, yet entertaining, conversations that take place within the forum :).

    Plenty of weekly rides/coffee meet ups/weekend practices to attend and enjoy NR company.
  11. Why thanks Phongus. I have two older brothers, I'm down with gross already :)
  12. Welcome
  13. Hi there Reesa, hope to meet you sometime soon at sat practice. It's a lovely group of folks, wide range of skill levels.
    Enjoy and stay safe :)
  14. Hi Lisa and welcome to NR
  15. Welcome to the forummm. Always good to hear recommendations for the Striple - am thinking it will probably be my second bike. Anything you don't like about it?
  16. I just realised...your nickname is Reesa, your name is Lisa...not to sound rude or racist, but is Reesa the Asian way of saying Lisa? (I'm Vietnamese by the way, and my dad has issues with "L" some times) It gave me a chuckle when I just realised haha.
  17. Hey thanks for all the welcome's everyone :)

    @ Brmmm - love the Triple! Can't say there's anything I find difficult about it but it's only my 3rd bike so far. The turning circle is a little lame for ground handling and I'm starting to get used to the unique Triple sound - sounded like a supercharged sewing machine to me at first though.

    @ Phong - yep that's exactly what it is! My cousin's wife is Japanese and I've done a fair bit of time in Tokyo, she gave me the nickname years ago, it seems to have stuck. It almost became my personalised number plate :)
  18. Welcome Lisa, good to have another lady rider on the boards :).
  19. Hahaha that's awesome :)