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New Melbourne Rider :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Izzypie, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    I've finally conquered my fear of "The Evil Hill That I Fell Over On" and got back on the bike, so I figured it was about time I joined NetRider!

    I own & ride a Suzuki Across (you could probably guess that though ;)), it's a 250 but because it's pretty large people always assume its somewhere between 400-600 teehee. I don't think I could handle a 600!

    So far I mainly ride with my boyfriend... we got our licenses at the same time but he was like a duck to water so he is a much better rider. It's good to have someone with more confidence/ experience with you though, especially if you're a coward like me haha

    Hopefully I can get my confidence up a bit and come for some rides, I'm thinking maybe the beginners Tuesday rides? Although for me to get there is a half hour of riding anyway so it sorta defeats the purpose :p

    Anyway, hi and I hope to meet some of you soon on Vic rides!
  2. Hi, dont be pressured to do anything other than go your own pace in the early stages. Theres a big learning curve happening, take it easy. The more you ride the easier and more natural it will become.
  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrider.

    Can you make it to Saturday learners?? (Thread in Vic rides)

    If not, try the mentor thread for a bit of help finding your feet.

  4. welcome Izzy, just keep up the riding, u will become a natural soon
  5. Hi and welcome to NR.

    It's all just about practice and having someone give you a few hints. Try going to the New Riders Forum and asking for a mentor in the Mentor thread (Hint- you need to say what suburb as mentors are usually only willing to travel so far).

    Doug's Sat morn car park practice is good value at teaching the basic skills of stopping, starting and turning and should not be underestimated. Tuesday L rides if you are more confident about riding in a group (which can sometimes get a little hectic for a real noob).

    Then Cam is running some L friendly rides, but these are for people with a bit of confidence, who can ride at (or at least near) speed limits and can ride a 100km or so in a stretch.

    You just need to work out where you fit in all that. Or get a mentor and let them advise.

    Relax and have fun, you'll get there.

    Good luck.
  6. Welcome to Netrider, what they ^ said :)....
  7. My boyfriend has been a big help so far, I get wimpy about the bike sometimes so he tells me "you know you can do it, now get on with it" and it works :p I guess having someone have faith is pretty good motivation.

    At the moment I'm riding on or just under the speed limit (50 is my default if I'm not sure what the limit is on that road) and taking corners fairly confidently... my main problem is that the bike stalls quite a bit. It usually happens at intersections on hills, which isn't great since then I have to coordinate braking (to stop rolling backwards down the hill) at the same time as clutch-in and starting the bike up. Needless to say I have delayed some cars at intersections XP

    The hill issue might be me doing it subconsciously, because my first (and only, thank god) time dropping the bike was on a hill. Maybe I'm psyched out and doing something without realising?

    I like night time rides and going on the freeway, so that's not really a problem.. it's mainly negotiating traffic and hills that I need to work on, since I don't drive a car and haven't spent much time out on the roads learning about traffic and the unwritten road rules...
  8. with your stalling issues, keep your revs up, it wont hurt the bike or clutch if its a slipper clutch
  9. hi welcome . And just keep riding the more you ride the better you get ..
  10. Welcome in Izzy.