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New Melbourne Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jry-R, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, brand new rider here, only been on my L's for a couple of weeks now but thought I'd jump on the forums and introduce myself.

    The names Jerry, I ride a cbr125r which albeit a bit weak, is enough for now. And I'm located in Inner Western Melbourne.

    Im usually busy with uni and night shift work but I'm def up for rides once my confidence builds up.

    Hope to see some of you around!
  2. Welcome to the forum Jerry. You should try to attend a few Saturday morning session. They are good for beginners.

    Stay safe on the road. :)
  3. Welcome mate, enjoy the bike.
  4. Welcome on board Jerry, nice choice of bike. Have fun on 2 wheels.
  5. we have the same bike ^_^ what colour is yours?
  6. Welcome Jry-R :)
  7. Hi Jerry and welcome to NR
  8. Thanks for the welcomes everyone! I'll probably drop by the Saturday learner sessions once I'm comfortable going higher speeds.

    haha oh cool, you in melb aswell? Mines blue haha :)
  9. welcome to the Nuthouse!
  10. yes i am, mine is red and black ^_^
  11. Welcome Jerry, we have a nice little group of inner (and outer) westie riders going now. Many of us go to Saturday mornings so if you want an escort happy to ride in with you.
  12. Welcome to riding, and Netrider, both intensely habit-forming :LOL:
  13. Thanks again for the welcomes everyone! Seems like a friendly forum already haha

    Ohhh, sounds pretty good, so you're a learner aswell? Cos I live pretty much 5 minutes from Newport. Once I get more confident and get a saturday off night shift work, I'll come down and join you guys.
  14. Yeah mate, off my L's but still in the learner category, plus I enjoy the Saturday meet-ups and other rides! Also come down to the Monday night coffee sessions in Williamstown and meet some more of us! It's in the VIC events section.
  15. Hey Jry-R, Im in Altona. I ride during the week due to anti-social working hours. Getting off my L's tommorrow. Welcome aboard mate!
  16. Welcome. As antoman said, come on down to the Saturday mornings. Great fun. Check out the thread here.
  17. I cant seem to get my PM'S through to you this arvo Jry-R.