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New Melbourne netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hockysa, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    Just thought I'd post here first and say Hi to you all. I thought I'd post some background info, if not skip to the end and there's pictures :)

    For those of you who are interested, I'm a bit of a forum whore. I've been a member of overclockers motorcycle club for awhile now. Long before I got my bike and am also a member on a few of the Supra forums (Aus, 2 US forums, A70 based supra forum), Nissan Silvia, Oz Celica Forum and a few others which I would name but I'm sure you get the idea.

    I've had my Learners for about 6 months but haven't been riding constantly as there was about a 3 month gap where my brother and I (20 and 22 years of age respectively) were waiting for a good deal on a bike.

    First bike was a CBR125 which my brother purchased and almost immediately regretted and sold within one month of purchasing it. The two of us have recently purchased a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja250R. Seeing as both of us still require our cars it was a smart idea to split the costs of having a motorcycle for a new toy.

    As you can imagine the CBR125 lacked alot of power... While I've only had the Ninja for about one month I can see why people like to upgrade as soon as they can. It would probably have been wiser for us to stick with the 125cc but it really wasn't much fun to ride unless you were going to the milkbar.

    I intend to upgrade to a CBR600RR or the CBR1000RR but that all depends on whether or not my car gets a bit of pampering.

    Pictures are what count most true??
    *edit* it appears that I need a minimum of 5 posts before I can post pictures. I'll be back :)

    *edit *edit* Pictures as promised

  2. welcome to netrider :)
  3. cheers brother.

    another 250 rider i see.. I almost got the Hyosung.. almost :)
  4. welcome to netrider
  5. Hey man where abouts in Melbourne are you from? I did consider those bikes that you mentioned before but ended up getting a yellow VTR250. Still on my learners as well so we should catch up for a ride?
  6. welcome, take the other keys off your bike key when its on the ignition, they tend to fly around and leave your nice n new paint with scratches. thats if you care
  7. welcome bud, u better make the image smaller before the mod police get here :)
  8. hey mate nice too see another melb Lnoobus on .. where you from in melb anyway? we should go for a ride
  9. Yoshi can looks nice... still think it's a waste of money on a 250, but looks nice!

    Welcome, enjoy the riding!
  10. Mod Police copied, and edited the pics down to a smaller size, without making a fuss, but ImagePost is down, so I couldn't repost them.

    Could you knock them down to 800x600 and repost them, please?
  11. Welcome to NR !!!
    Many forum whores here :wink:

    Nice pics BTW
  12. welcome mate, if you want to keep the area around the ignition key as original as possible, try and find another place to keep that other key. It moves and bounces around, eventually wearing the paint off the top triple clamp :)

    Hope you enjoy your time on two wheels.
  13. thats what i said =[
  14. oh cheers thanks for the tip,, didnt even think about that
  15. welcome :grin:

    got some proper boots? :grin:

    lots of help round these parts

    take care :)
  16. Yeah I got some boots. nothing fancy but its something I can still walk around comfortably in.

    Got a Dainese textile jacket but I really want the Delmar... atm upgrading the gear looks liek it'll cost me twice as much as the bike..
  17. Hi and welcome to NR