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New Melbourne n00b.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rohizle, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Ok well ive been lurking a while before making an account, and made a couple post's but here goes.

    G'day, im Rohan, 24 from eastern suburbs.

    Been wanting a bike for a while, just always putting it off, finally made a pact with a few like minded mates that we would all get licenses together. Surprise surprise, they all flaked out in the later stages, i said stuff it and kept at it.

    Never riden a bike till about 3 weeks ago, did a pre-learner course then passed L's with flying colours last week. Lot's of fun.

    Choosing a bike was a little trickier, i was set on the 250r Ninja, but everyone i talked to would either bag me or the bike out;
    - chicks bike.
    - underpowered.
    - would get bored quick.
    - too much faring if i do go down.

    I had similar feelings, but i liked the look and figured i was learning and could deal with the other stuff for a year then move onto something bigger.

    Got directed specifically to the Suzuki GS500, which ticked alot more boxes and made dad (who's been riding for years) a little less uneasy.

    First one i decided to look at seemed great, there were a few scratches and bumps which werent mentioned prior, but i was happy enough and was ready to follow through with the purchase. By chance i put the plates into the vic roads database and it came up as a repaired write off. Bailed hard at this point and back to the drawing board and made a few more call's.

    Next one i checked out was great, picked up last week and been riding every day since. Found via bikesales, but there is a thread on here also, great guys to deal with.


    Joined a netrider cruise last night, got lost on the way in and rocked up as they were taking off, so just made it. Was most fun ive had on my bike so far, had a dumb grin the whole time, props to all involved all good blokes.

    Yoshi pipe and a few other bits and pieces are in the mail as we speak, will be getting involved in some of the learner rides hopefully soon also.

  2. Hi Rohan.

    Welcome to Netrider and you are just around the corner from me so I'll keep my eye out for you - the L plates and the bike that is.
    Nice purchase on the bike and they are a great solid peice of machinery.

    Enjoy the ride and nice to hear that your old man is a fellow biker - learn from the master!


    GSX-R750 K9
  3. We all know the grin. Enjoy it!

    Keep attending the Tuesday night L rides, they are made specifically for your current level and needs and will continue serve you well as you improve. Also seriously consider attending Hawklords Saturday morning rider skill training sessions, you'd expect this to cost $$$ but it's free.

    Gotta luv Netrider.
  4. Welcome Rohizzle. :)

    I'm a new rider too and have just recently got my full license (on Monday to be precise).

    I cannot recommend the Saturday morning learner sessions highly enough, doing just a few of those over the last couple of months made the license test a piece of cake!
  5. Pretty sure i saw you early yesterday morning corner princess hwy / glen huntly road? Looked smexy and recognised exhaust from your thread.

    Depending how wrecked i get on friday night, should be attending this sat learner session.
  6. ^^^ Nah, wasn't me. Must be my doppleganger!
  7. Hi Rohan and welcome to NR. Hope to catch at a Saturday practice soon.
  8. Hey man! Grats on the new purchase! I presume full faired GS? Blue and white or black(please say black)?

    Anywhoo if you're up for a casual cruise with some other L platers send me a PM. We don't get to go too often but we always have fun :)
  9. Added a pic.

    Hopefully rain stays away for saturday GBM.

    Keen to do as much riding as possible, will get in touch KK. Hasnt been a day since ive got it that i havnt ridden. Haha, bug has got me.
  10. Welcome to NR :D Enjoy the freedom of 2 wheels ;)

    Pity you didnt come look @ SID ( my bike 4 sale ) I think you wouldve liked him.
  11. I look forward to it :)
  12. Welcome to netrider dude, I'm a newby to the site but I'm about to get my full license soon. I'm out in Croydon these days, pm me if you want to head out during the week! Congrats on your bike, looks a nice ride.

  13. i'm new too and seems like we all live nearby, we should ride one day... looking at cb400 and gs500, hope to get my bike within this month.
  14. G'day Rohan.
  15. Go have a look at this one and make them an offer.
    The good thing about buying a 2nd hand bike here is that other members are extremely unlikely to rip you off.

  16. +1. Was going to mention this bike too. Check it out.
  17. noted thanks. i already contacted a cb400 seller so would test ride that 1st...
  18. Welcome. I relatively new to road riding also and live in the Glen Waverley area. love to head out as often as possible even short rides to grab a coffee.
    Shoot me a pm when you plan on going out for a ride.
  19. Welcome to NR :D

    Thanks Dazzler & Minglis ,

    SID is getting rather bored just hanging round the other bikes ,

    Come have a look at the bike TARFUN ... you won't be dissapointed :)
  20. welcome, and yeah, if I was in melbourne I'd go look at Kitts bike! Looks sexy from the pics and stupidly cheap too...