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New manager will toe your car if not in your parking space??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by drewzor, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, a new manager has taken over a block of apartments in which I live.
    He is now saying afer 8 years of this being no problem that we must all park in our allocated parking space.

    I park my two bikes next to my car under cover but my offical 1 parking space in outside..

    He is saying that if anything is parked where it is not allocated he will have it toe'd

    I farken hate people like this? why mess with what worked for 8 years for everyone?

    Anyway.. can he toe legally and where do I stand?... my guess is shafted

  2. t o w
  3. So who is the space you're currently using allocated to, and do they have a problem with you using it?
    Quite possible that it could just be a response to a compliant made by a new tenant - or that the new manager is actually following up on a compliant made in the past.
    Of course if the person who has that space allocated to them doesn't mind you using it then don't see how the manager could have a problem with it if you explained the situation to them.

    Oh and the only way they could legally tow your vehicles is if they went through the local council. If they don't I suspect a decent lawyer could really make them hurt.
  4. Why will he remove your toes?
    Sounds extreme.
  5. When I read the title of the thread, I had an image of a business man, kicking some guys car with bare feet.
  6. I was going to hot-foot it over there to watch :LOL:.
  7. The manager has a hangnail and is having toe envy... :LOL:

    Frankly I don't know what rights the building manager has beyond managing the general maintenance and upkeep of the building. There must also be a body corporate or managing committee that you could approach about this edict.

    It sounds extreme.
  8. Dang... I deserve getting ripped on for that! was not paying attention woops!
    still this thread has made me laugh hard anyway...
  9. Have you tried speaking to him about the issue? That would be my first thought

  10. Maybe the new manager is female and has a pet camel ? :LOL:
  11. you'll be in her mothership with your Akrapovic Spaceship every arvo wouldnt you
  12. +1, Unless its on public road and can prove its been dumped there's SFA they can do if they dont have owners consent. Its not like they OWN the building, they just manage it... If all else fails, smash their car windows... :LOL:
  13. tell him to get fcuked. :evil:
    his mother stuck umbellas up his ar$e and he got bullied at school.
  14. :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I'd just politely advise him that now he has notified you of his intent to illegaly tow vehicles, that words like malicious damage and taking without permission look prety cool on a summons.
    And I'd just keep doing what I was doing, as long as other residents did not have an issue.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Jeez people ... if it's private property, and users have been notified and it's signed then they have every right to remove the trepassing vehicle - and make you pay the costs. Happens all the time on privately held vacant land in CBD and inner city areas. Precedents have already been set allowing it.

    As for the OP .. are you renting or owning? Is it body corporate or shared title? As previously asked - do you have the consent of the parking spot owner/occupier(tenant) to park the bikes there? Unless you just venting, more info would be required.
  17. Thanks for all the replies,
    Well its a body corporate and we rent one of the hand full of appartments which are owned by others who have bought them off the body corporate.
    We lease through an agent and all it states is there is a car space but does not specifiy where.
    Speaking to others it seems when you own an appartment you are entitled to 2 spaces while if renting you are entitled to 1.

    If he does set this tow any vehical in the car park thats not parked in its allocated space then I will organise with the other owner/occupants if they will give me permittion to use their 2nd space...further more I will try to get the owners to submitt request that they are allocated undercover parking.

    We have all lived together in this appartment for 7 years with no problem, in holiday season I park the cars outside and even sometimes on the street but most of the time its empty anyway?

    This guy is just one of those "people" that spend their life making others life difficault because it doesn't effect them negatively.
    It makes me want to toe him right in the face!
  18. Agree with the above, except that in this case he is a resident and therefore has the legal right to be on the property. He is not trespassing.
    It's the trespass element that gives someone a right to rectify it, by removing the property.
    If he was acting on behalf of the car park owner he may have the right to remove it but in this case it sounds like he has no rights at all. Mention the words "theft and police" to the moronic manager if he keeps it up. I'd then write a letter to the body corporate manager complaining about him.