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New Maico 2-smokers - Warning may (will) cause death

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by slickncghia, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Shamelessly stolen


    Those of you who are as completley ridiculously obsessed with big scary, dangerous and completley impractical bikes will no doubt be as excited as I am by this. :twisted:

    sure you will die or have to have your arms surgically shortened after every ride and will probably have to spend your recovery time rebuilding the top end but....

    101kg, 685cc 2-smoker with 82HP!!!! :twisted:

    thats just all kinds of awesome :cool:

    in aus? almost definetly not. cost? probably too much

    i guy can dream though
  2. SSShhhhar....Winggggggg

    I always wanted a cr500 or IT 490 this thing would be an awsome beast
  3. i had the same thing for a kx500.

    this would make them all look like 125's as it roars past pulling a 5th gear standup
  4. Thats insane :twisted:
  5. yeah that one :oops:
  6. Imagine that engine crammed into a sachs madass 125 (or something similar) frame!
  7. meh just chuck motard rims on it if you want a crazy streetbike.

    101kg as it is. you would be losing strength and handling and possibley adding weight by doing that

    i reckon it would make a deadly gp-single racebike.

    cut suspension, tard gear, fibreglass body, hold the fcuk on
  8. 82..... nw mate, i stole it from elsewhere anyway. but i still have a case of happy pants just thinking about it. its good to see some passion in biking.

    boring dosent have a place in motorcycles if you ask me....its reserved for your grans beige camry
  9. FYI, they have been making these for years.
  10. ATK makes one as well. The Intimidator.
  11. You want a big balls-out engine?...... you want an EML 1000cc two-stroke twin, used in motocross sidecar racing.
  12. Must...ride...bike... =P~

    That'd be an absolute blast, love to have one. I'm a bit of a CR500 fan as well, but this just kicks it up a notch. BAM!

    Matt black plastics and swingarm, naturally.
  13. Silly 2-strokes, you say?
    we have two of these at the farm...
    Not in that condition though :LOL:
  14. fair enough. i thought they had been out of production for a while, cheers

    starts googleing :twisted: :LOL:
  15. Only problem i see is that seat height (960mm). I'd need a portable stepladder to get on that thing.

    But to get off, it will be easy - the bike will decide when, where and how i should get off :LOL: :LOL: