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New Madass owner greetings

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Joos, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    First post on the forum, but have been lurking for a while.

    Just got my first two wheels, a 125 madass. Fell in love with the styling since it looks just like a moped I had when I was a kid, an old Crescent Compact 50cc from the seventies. Pic here:

    Apart from that, looking forward to seeing some of you guys on the road!
  2. hi and welcome
  3. Howdy.

    Couldn't get a real bike, hey? :cheeky: These people are gunna eat you alive. :LOL:

    Netrider, the only place to be. You're going to love it here. :beer:
  4. Welcome.

    I love the MAD styling :LOL:

    Kind of like a postie bike on LSD. Looks like it'd be the lanesplitting king, fastest way to get around the inner city :grin:
  5. Gixxa's got a good point, however, I didn't a generic looking bike, like a honda VTR 250, which was my origial plan. This is a good, reliable cheap start to inner city commuting, until I get my full license and can ride a DRZ 400 SM, which will most propably be my next port of call.

    Postie on LSD is a good description for the madass, particularly mine since it's yellow.

    Thanks for the greetings!
  6. welcome :p
  7. I will admit that i thnk the Madass is pretty cool. :grin:
    :-k Hmm, if only they came in a 250. :woot:
  8. Whats the top speed of it? Can it go 100 km/h?
  9. You mean something like this?
    That's the 500cc version which unfortunately never went into production.
  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin:

    Dont forget to fill in your location details.. :cool:
  11. It does 90 easy enough, 100 is wind dependant. With some adjustments to the muffler (currently dead silent), jetting adjustments and one tooth on the front sprocket it should do 100 easy. Will wait until after the first service though.
  12. Hey mate, I'm looking at getting a Madass too for work commuting. How's the experience been within the first 6 months? I'm currently looking at some of the 2nd hand ones available. Pretty good prices onroad.. about $2500 on average for somethin about 1 year old.

    I noticed the Warranty is 6 months, so I'm wondering how it is after the Warranty period expires! :p
  13. I've got a Madass 125 too, which is currently for sale, check out bikesales if you want to take a squiz at it :p

    It's awesome fun, I've found it awesome to learn on... I upgraded the carby, CDI, manifold, air-filter and muffler... made a huge difference to acceleration... very worthwhile upgrade, great for getting in front of the traffic! Cost about $400 in total too!

    The kits are available from www.ooracing.com in the UK... Adrian is a very helpful guy. I got my muffler installed and supplied at Bay Road Exhaust in Sandringham, the ooracing Exhaust was going to cost too much to ship over, and also went down the side of the bike, so you lost the underseat muffler which also supports the numberplate and rear indicators.

    Is your silver? I saw someone riding a silver one down Inkerman St this morning at about 9am.

    This is my bike:
  14. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Not sure if you will get eaten alive. Your wheels are sufficiently different that everyone wants to talk about them.

    And call me perverse but whenever I see teeny little stuff like this I always want to have a try. It certainly beats trying to filter in heavy traffic with my sticky outy pots and mirrors.
  15. hey it's the pretty funky thing...

    hi Joos,

    great bike! :cool:

    I just got my license, and have been looking at the madass as a commuter - mind if I ask a few million questions? :p How is it power wise? I need to avoid dying in Sydney, you reckon the 125 is enough? I'm only going to be in 90 zones max, and I was thinking learner on something lighter would prob be a good idea?

    anyways, welcome to netrider - they're good fun here :LOL:
  16. madass mirrors

    hi all - first time poster here

    i got my madass 125 over the weekend and have been for a few laps of the block so far - anyone else think the mirrors are a bit tight? all i can see in mine is my arms unless i lean out of the way. i'm sure a set of aftermarket mirrors would sort this out but it makes you wonder who sachs were thinking of when they put them so close.

    other than that - greatly enjoying the ride. it's a mountain bike on steroids.

    cheers all