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New L's and first Steed

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dave0l, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hey all just a quick note to introduce myself and my new bike !

    Passed my L's on Friday, picked up a new CB400 from Dandenong on Saturday

    The wife has objected profusely as at the ripe old age of 32 its a midlife crisis with a new "death machine"

    Oh and FYI i'm from the Mornington Peninsula
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  2. Welcome Dave,
    For some of us 32 would have been an early start to riding.
    It doesn't matter how old you are, you've found it now.
    Be warned, it's addictive.

    But such a good buzz
  3. welcome aboard :] congrats on the L's and the bike.

    Enjoy :)
  4. Hi Dave,

    Welcome to NR. Yes, 32 is early (I started at 38). Once you're confident make sure you get yourself along to Saturday Practice where you will be one of many newbie and one of many Dave's.
  5. Welcome! I waited until I was 60. Are you sure you're sufficiently mature? ;-)
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  6. welcome to Netrider and 2 wheels Dave! ...yes, lots of Dave's on Netrider haha!
    I live on the Peninsula too so if you ever want company riding down to Saturday practice let me know (y)
  7. Welcome dave0ldave0l to riding & Netrider. Lots of good advice & robust discussions to be had. Young people, Mature Dames & Old F**T's <insert emoticon for sucking dentures> Do tootle on up to Elwood Saturday morning cones when you're ready, show the missus that you are being responsible. Then when you're off your P's you can pillion her there :)
  8. Welcome! I started a couple of months ago just after my 46th birthday, so never too old
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone
  10. Welcome Dave, I just got mine at 46 with a similarly unimpressed wife. Also on MP so may see you on road. Still looking for right bike ATM
  11. Well. I'm over 800 kms into riding allready, and only have had the following minor issues so far.. To my wife's surprise I'm still alive !

    1. One very embarrassing stall at the front of lights ( every noob will do that I'm sure)
    2. The top of the boots I wear are exactly the top height of the bottoms of the pegs, and messes me up when I try to put a foot back on to take off !
    3. Diesel spills at the pump are bad news when you dismount to top up !! Ended up slipping, only reason I didn't have an incredibly embarrassing drop is I ended up, luckily/ accendetly saving myself by grabbing/falling on the pump, without dropping the new bike.
    4. Those boots are a bit thick and I can't always feel if I'm clicking it into second or neutral, again, embarrassing noob moment(s)
    5. Don't allow your 3 year old girl to do the following "wow dad that parts my shiny favrioute" touching the shiny exhaust right after a 1.5 hour ride .... 3 blisters on 3 tiny fingers later...
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  12. Dave,
    I'm just over a 1,000kms into my riding and seem to be hitting neutral far too often even with big deliberate kicks of the shifter - worst part is the neutral light doesn't always seem to come on, so if I glance for it I think all's good and rev it only to make a goose of myself. Worse now with new termis on with the baffles out - everyone can hear my mistake.

    Have noticed though the carbon fibre doesn't get anywhere near as hot and can even touch them after a big ride and not get burnt. Sorry to hear your little girl learnt the hard way!
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  13. THE UNINTENDED NEUTRAL!!!!! Bane of my L-plated existence right now. Really hating all over it.

    Must. Be. Firmer. With. Left. Boot.
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  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR!

    Oh and welcome to the CB400 owners club as well :) Pics if you have em!!
  15. Hi and helloooo.....ripe old age of 32 Pfft I say!!! Have fun and stay safe....
    ps the noob moments will pass believe me!
  16. Hey here is a pic after my weekend ride to Druin
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  17. nice livery. She looks far too clean though for after a ride.
  18. Looks mint. Congrats :)
  19. Yep the old diesel at the pump sucks, dropped my first bike 2 weeks in trying to be a nice guy and move forward to let the next person use the pump, had my helmet on the mirror, slipped, couldn't grab the grip, down she went. These days I am more self centred, not dropping my bike for no one!!!!
  20. Congratulations, that looks so nice!!! All the best with it and stay safe! :happy: