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New Look Netrider - Issues And Comments In Here

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Welcome to the new look Netrider, with all new forums software too.

    Place your issues, concerns, questions, comments about the new site and the forums in here.
  2. Issue: My existing bookmarks don't work! Argh!

    Not much you can do about it, but it'll meant a lot of searching to restore them. :(
  3. Just testing to confirm somthing

    Edit - Yeap, posts are called messages, can that be changed? :)

    Games to waste time now too. Woo!!
  4. how do i get to meet the shiela on the right?
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  5. think I've found most things.... hahahaha o_O
  6. Ahhh I can see why now, /forums is now /forum
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  7. Just logged in...wooo...hooo!
  8. Loving the new look! Great job, folks :woot:
  9. My wrist hurts

    I miss some if the simple things about the old layout but ill get used to it in time I guess - but couldn't log in via tapatalk !
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  10. Tapatalk will come later, the site is now mobile phone friendly via browser
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  11. Wait. You can automatically lock a thread with ten down vote's now ?!?!?....should be interesting

    Are we able to get. The like back to nod? Such a frustratingly awesome step forward that was ....only to lose it months later !
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  12. ...will take time to get used to the lay out. One thing...it's too bright!
  13. I personally feel that the signature part should be at the bottom of the post. ATM IMHO, it shares half the post space. Both the post and signature seem to be merging into each other. What I mean is, there is a lot of wasted space AFTER the signature.

    Are there any plans to make it look different? As in colour, font etc?

    Just my 2c. ;)
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  14. Boooo.. looks just like my aquarium forum.. i really didn't want to be reminded of that place..
    new smileys are fun though. :cyclops:
  15. I guess a lot of the new stuff will be trial and error, if it gets abused, will probably get switched off
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  16. Agree.. but this is dictated by the info on the side.. .. also.. no more helmets?? i was wondering when i would get my 4th.
  17. Tr
    trophy points now :D
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  18. I like it, great work!

    Only suggestion I would have is a variety of backgrounds that change intermittently or when you refresh.
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