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New look for my RVF 400.....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Quo Vadas, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. So, i bought a new tail section (Tyga) for my RVF, painted it up and wacked the it on. Also put some new LED indicators on front and back and now just have to put on new braided lines over the weekend.
    Also put a few spacers in to raise the height of the bike and now it tips in to corners with ease and the steering geometry feels much better than when it was stock.
    Re-upholstered the seat in soft leather and now it's much nicer on my butt.

    I have another RVF that is stock but I will use that for the track once I get it brought down from my folks place in the country.

    I'm quite happy with the way the bike has turned out and i'm leaving the front stock as I love the way the whole front end looks.




  2. That tail looks friggin AWESOME! It make the bike look so much cleaner and lighter... And I think your right. There's nothing wrong with the front end. I reckon the tail works really well with it.
  3. Very nicely done, I've been wondering what these would look like with only half the bodywork converted.

    I too am a fan of the original front end, not so much the round headlights but overall shape. The tyga front end just doesn't suit the bike imo
  4. Very nice Quo. I agree, over all front end looks nice as is.

    I am in the process of making my own duck tail for the track...have sort of designed it, just got to get off my ass and make the mould and fibreglass.

  5. Thanks mate. Nice clip of your bike on Youtube. How much longer before you have it running?
  6. No problem :).

    Thanks...should be pretty much running. I received my HRC muffler from Cammo (400greybike) last week and had to make up an adapter to fit it. Going to bend the muffler bracket back so that it all fits. Then I got to finish the fairings *yawn*...so lazy to fibreglass.
  7. bumping the older thread up, saw this bike today at the superbike school. pretty neat thing ;)
  8. Nice job, Damien. Where did you get the seat done or was it DIY?

  9. Hey there. Wsa nice to meet you yesterday and see your new looking bike!
    Hope you had a great day as I did although I'm pretty sore today - feels like I've being riding a horse bareback. 8-[
  10. Had it done through a guy whose name has escaped me. Give Peter Stevens a call in Elizabeth St and they should give you his name. Very nice work and cheap too!
  11. Yo ass looks mighty fine in that Tyga! Kinda reminds me of the glow of a fighter jet flying away...
    You might wanna check ADRs though, concerning your rear flashers - I'm pretty sure they need to be a minimum of 30cm apart...
  12. looking good why
    pffftttt adrs who follows them
  13. Just sayin' - hate for the OP to get pinged without realising...
  14. Sweet looking bike! I love it! :D
  15. ^^ Thanks Danny. It's now up for sale so a bit sad to see it go but you do what you have to at times :)

  16. Pretty sure its 18cm for the rear, and around 30 up front

    I used to have the info page saved somewhere, but I'll be assed if I could find it
  17. ^^ It's 190mm as my bike was complianced after 1997.

    Had a look after this was brought up and had a friend confirm who refers to ADR regulary.