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New Look 2013 Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KadeO, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Don't know if anyone's already posted it, but I came across this:


    Finally we see efi come in to the mix, and my lord it does look pretty sexy. Like a mini zx10R, really.

  2. does look quite impressive....really love some of the colour scheme's they have going on too
  3. Holy smokes batman. That thing looks awesome! Makes mine look like a bicycle in comparison
  4. Yeah definitely gives a bigger look to the bike.
  5. Wow...makes me wanna "upgrade" to that from my GPX when off my P's it looks so nice.
  6. Definitely looking more like the ZX10R!!!
    Especially the SE!
    Water cooled & EFI in some markets (wonder if we will get that since Europe have had EFI for a bit now.)
    New frame, larger rear tyre, ABS option.
    Hot looking little bike
  7. amazing what a bit of competition does
  8. Yeah, Honda's CBR250R Must have cut into their sales worldwide for them to do such a radical redesign.
    250 Ninja has been around for so long with very little changes.

    Why bother changing when you have such a huge slice of the niche??
    New competition cutting deeply into your sales,,,that's why!!
  9. If I wasn't such a lard arse and so keen on a bigger lams bike, I'd probably be holding out for this. Heck, I'd get one just to look at
  10. Just sold my 250r due to moving interstate and was planing on upgrading when I get there... But I really want one of these! will be interesting how much they will charge in AUS though!
  11. The ZX6r is getting a upgrade as well for 2013, looks like they are updating the whole line to be based of the ZX10 looks. Gonna look like a line of russian nesting dolls when sitting next to each other
  12. oh wow, I think I know what I want my big bike upgrade next year to be!
  13. nice looking device (y)
  14. Wow, looks really impressive. Lets hope they give ours fuel injection this time around though. It was one of the main reason i chose the cbr250r over the ninja.
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  15. About damn time, but it looks awesome.
  16. "Liquid-cooled
    4-stroke Parallel Twin
    DOHC 8-valve
    Digital Fuel Injection(some markets)
    249 cm3
    172 kg / 174 kg (ABS model)"

    172kg......somebody needs a spanking for cutting and pasting the zx10r's weight spec's :shock::shock:
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  17. Looks awesome. That styling actually makes me want one... maybe a commuter for when I update the ER with a supersport? :p

    They'd better be giving the AUS market EFI this time, it'll kill sales if they stay carby for another year.

    The new ZX-6R looks brilliant, might just be on the cards next year!
  18. You'd certainly hope efi would be brought out to us colonists! Not that it's really all that much a pain to pull a choke. Just a little touch we would LOVE seeing on a 20th century bike!
  19. The skinny rear tyre on the current Ninja250 looks like a bicycle. Hope they put a 150 on the new one.
  20. It doesn't need it. It doesn't have enough power. Putting a bigger tyre on then necessary is detrimental to handling (more rotational mass, more unsprung mass).

    It probably needs a smaller tyre not a bigger.