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New litre bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by johl88, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hi i am looking at buying a brand new litre bike and just want some personal opinions about some of the current models. i am going to test ride the big 4 in the coming weeks once it cools down a little but want some information on things to look for on the test ride as i will probably be overwhelmed after riding 4 different bikes.

    some info on me and how im going to use the bike-
    -rode a zx2r for around 2 years as a commuter
    -have a new car so this new bike i will not have to commute on. i will probably ride it to work (less than 15km away) every friday then do some weekend rides on and a few track days a year
    -whatever bike i get i am looking at getting slip ons and de-cat pipe, flash tune and tail tidy
    -i realise it is a big step going from 250 to 1000 but i am a mature guy and it is a bike that i will be keeping for many years

    the only bike i was really interested in was the r1. that is until i went and looked at the zx-10r. i really like these 2 bikes but i dont really like the cbr or gsxr. the cbr doesnt have the new features/aids that the zx or r1 do and i think the cbr looks old (especially the old style display). the gsxr is a little better than the cbr but i still dont think it is on the same level as the other 2. i know these are just aesthetic opinions and i have been told the cbr is one of the best bikes to ride, but i cant see myself spending what is basically 20k on a bike that doesnt appeal to my eye.

    now between the r1 and zx-10r there are some pro's and cons to each in my opinion.
    zx-10r -
    -cheaper, i love the white colour, more power, less money to modify it to what i want than the r1
    more expensive, i love the matte grey, more power down low in the engine.

    so that is where i am at for now. if you have any opinions i would love to hear them, whether it is pointing out flaws in the suspension between bikes or servicing comparisons, let me know.


  2. you might be able to get a CBR for $15k... i've seen them before.
    and if you're not commuting you could maybe look at a ducati 848 as well...

    if you're decided on your short list then have fun... not gonna bother getting into the step up from a 20 year old 250 to a new litrebike.... my suspicion is that "flaws in suspension" on a new bike won't be particularly apparrent or applicable if your background is commuting.... it'll probably come down to looks and sound.
  3. Any liter bike is likely to be more than enough for you
    If you want the best performance bike simply because its the best you could be making a mistake
    Ride them all
    I like the look of the R-1 but I wouldn't count out the Gixxer at all
  4. couldnt agree more with what you both have said. i know with my experience i am not going to be able/willing to ride the bike hard enough to exploit those possible shortfalls that is why i asked for opinions from people more experienced as i plan on keeping it for quite some time and with attending track days i will be able to get alot more experience on it to learn how to ride it properly.

    honestly i discounted ducati and also bmw just for more expensive parts, servicing etc associated with them. im not entirely sure if it is true but a few people that i spoke to have said that jap bikes are cheaper to replace parts and servicing.
  5. don't forget the speed triple. bmw s1000rr might be a bit much though
  6. You can get an RSV4 that's barely been run in for that price.

    And you shouldn't discount a Duc till you've ridden one. The twins are a very different beast to the i4's.

    Buying a bike based on service and parts costs seems odd to me. It's not a communter, so you're not putting the miles on it each year that makes service costs and intervals a big issue over the long run. And parts? If you crash, insurance will cover it, and if your buying new (or close to it), then the warranty should if someting goes horribly wrong with it.

    As almost everyone says. Ride them all and get the one that stir's your loins the most.

    Being comfortable with the way the bike feels to you is much more important than the aesthetics, becasuse chances are within 12 months something else will come on the market that will replace it as your object of desire. Unless of course you have the means to upgrade every year or so.
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  7. the 2012 cbr has a new digital display
  8. thats okay johl88 i know the 12 blade doesnt need TC and you can get one with ABS, the thing has loads of power (more than the R1), makes more torque than a s1000rr and is bliss to ride, you can ride it fast without breaking a sweat and it always feels comfortable and composed
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  9. Have you tried riding any of the four?
    Anyway if it's going to be mostly track-day-bike, you might want to start from 600. Performance-wise there is not a big difference. Especially for a 24-yo person after commuting on a 250 cc bike.

    In fact, even Daytona 675 will scare the shit out of you if you fully open the throttle.
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  10. its true about the replacing parts unless you know where to buy them from, if you go the ducati route check out ducatiomaha.com awesome prices that are about half the cost of parts in australia, front nose fairing in australia for my 1098 (was scratched) was around the $1200.00AUD mark. got it from ducati omaha shipped for $600.00. they order direct from ducati and keep you in the loop with delivery times, awesome guys. and for ducati suspension or ohlins parts cheap go to kyleusa.com ohlins parts for a fraction of the Aussie price, seriously dont know how aussie dealers get away with charging the rates they do considering dollar parity
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  11. yep love my 675R too 675r2.
    It was a thing of beauty but just wanted another fireblade, at least i got an excellent price for it trade wise, helps to have mates in the business
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  12. 675R is probably the best bang for your buck bikes on the market and is more than most mere mortals can handle with the taps open anyways.....

    and you should NEVER discount the CBR1000.. it might not have the figures on paper but it was a generation ahead of most of the other bikes when it came out in 2008 and the basic package is still right up there... it just doesn't have the electronics... it has more power right across the rev range than most of the other bikes but gets ignored because of the lowish peak figure and it's the size of a 600!
  13. Exactly. Youre getting a lot of bike for your money. Ohlins, and brembo m4 monos to die for
  14. Ride em all and see what feels the best
    Figures mean nothing unless your going to ride it hard a lot of the time
  15. Dr. Marty, calling Dr. Marty......................

    Check out UDLOSE'S R1 thread, he might have an R1 all set up for your liking :).
  16. yeh i have read his thread and i think it is really informative. it really pointed out the flaws in the newer r1's, im not sure if it was just his 09 model with the not so great clutch and forks, but that sort of honest feedback is what i am looking for the other bikes i am looking at.

    i should have mentioned it earlier but i am not after a naked bike, i really like my fairings in winter out where i live.

    im not after the fastest or highest hp bike, i dont think i have said that at all so if you think that is what i am after then i will say it here that i am not.

    i think i will have to add to the list ducati 848, and by the things some of you guys have said i would be stupid to not jump on a 675. the list is growing
  17. Yep i miss my 675R. Maybe should have kept it. But my blade gets my balls tightening when i look at her
  18. The new EBR might be out soon.
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  19. yeah.... be our guinea pig.
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  20. almost a year on and after ALOT of research and hard thinking i bought a bike a few days ago. couldnt resist a great deal on this beauty
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