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New line of Ducs released

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dan, May 25, 2005.

  1. Thnx Dan, glad to hear its finally happened. Been in the pipeline for quite a while.
    Next up, the Desmosedici.
  2. It's a shame they couldn't have chromed up the desmo valve / head control drive thingies (what do you call them?) - make them look a bit more like the old bevel drive dukes...

    Always thought the most beautiful thing about the old bevel drive dukes was that lovely 90 degree motor with the chromed bevel drive shaft thingie...

    My ultimate Duke would be a black and gold 900SS or Mille...
  3. That is what the Ducati Performance catalogue is for. Plus all the other performance and dress up part manufactures around the place.
  4. I am sorry dan , but that is one of the most ugliest bikes i have seen in ages , even worse than the photo of the pink across.
    It is sacralidge to place a V Twin in that outdate , ugly frame work .
  5. I have reserved comment on these bikes also. :LOL:
  6. I'm with groberts on this one - very ugly.

    How does Ducati get it so right with Bike's like Scumbag's and so wrong with these new "creations"?
  7. [The doorbell rings - Homer answers the door]
    Man: [on pennyfarthing bicycle] So, er, you don't like the old-time bikes, huh?
    [kicks Homer in the face, rides off]

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Theres something wrong with your engin.... two of the cyclinders aren't running.... sounds like there are some blots loose... Dear god what will they revive next?!?!
  9. Next up are a trails bike and a racer....watch this space.
  10. Nah, you're all wrong.
    The Paul Smart replica is gorgeous.

    Just need to get Alison riding & it would be all mine *rubs hands together*
  11. I love both of them, but not their prices. I don't know what they cost but it's more than I've got to spend.

    I'd have that Paul Smart Replica in a heart beat, it would be my weekend toy for taking on the twisties.
  12. Deyago you are talking low to mid 20's for any of them unfortunately, and in very low numbers as well to keep the exclusivity of them nice and high. I too like the Paul Smart, but it needs some dress up carbon fibre and titanium. (cannot help myself to modify)
  13. As someone who remembers....

    ....both bikes when they were current, I have to say that I'm sure that Ducati will sell every one of these that they can build, and that within ten seconds of purchase, people will be rushing to replace the awful black exhaust systems with chrome Conti replicas.
    They will then spend the rest of their lives re-living the glory days of Eddie Lopez's "La Peca" at Amaroo Park, and and Mike The Bike's ride a few years later in the same race.
    I know today's bikes are better/faster/cleverer/more reliable, etc, but nothing can ever replace the sound of a 900SS hounding up the hill under the control tower and echoing off the cliffs at the top of the hill. Of this indelible memories are made.
    I want one of each, just for the record!!!!
  14. I try to make a point of not agreeing with groberts as he has two warnings and probably drinks too much, but god, that's ugly.
  15. sorry spiky , i dont drink mate :LOL: :LOL: , only the nectar of the caffiene gods :wink:
    but dam thats ugly
  16. I like my ducs but that is just plain ugly.........
  17. I think some of us are missing the point

    Both of these bikes are NEW bikes. They are not intended to be replicas of the 1970's bikes, merely new bikes that take styling cues from the old bikes and echo them in a new setting.
    As someone who remembers both bikes when they were new (yeh I know, I'm getting old), I like the styling of both of them, although possibly a bit too "rounded"
    And yes, I'd replace those ghastly black mufflers with some chrome Conti replicas and it'd be fine.
    Incidentally, I can't see why they chose to have both exhausts exiting on the same side of the bike when one of the most dominant styling features of the old bikes was an exhaust each side, and, while I'm on the subject, the Imola 200 replica should have up-pipes too. If the Japs can do it on their new bikes, Ducati could surely do it too.
    Great styling exercise however, and Ducati will sell every one of them that they make.
  18. Cool looking bikes but I've got to get me an S2R at $14,995 + ORC...:LOL:
  19. Generally I like them, but the fairing is to fat on thepaul smart and the seat looks dicky on both.

    An I realy don't like Ducati's recent trend for dualsingle sided pipes. Thats just wanky.

    I'd pay somewhere in the low-mid teens for one. No more.