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New life

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Diantra, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Hi

    So I'm new on here and just got my learner's - long time dream that life got in the way of for more years than I care to admit :) Learner's passed and after a couple of practice runs out on the road needed some deep breathing exercises! ha ha ha

    Loving my Ninja 300 and had a couple of private lessons - looking forward to more :) So envious when I saw 3 learners riding along Beaconsfield Parade St Kilda with an instructor behind them ... if anyone knows of these types of group lessons, please bring me up to speed - I would really appreciate it :)

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  3. Checked out the thread ... thank you, I will keep an eye on it. I had heard that someone runs weekend Learners rides around Port Melbourne/St Kilda but haven't been able to find out any information as yet. Really appreciate the link, hopefully something might come up on there in the near future - thanks!
  4. Welcome to NR DiantraDiantra ..

    I would suggest a great starting point for a learner rider would be the [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice sessions at the BP Petrol station, 54A Marine Parade, Elwood.

    You'll get to meet a few like minded people and learn a thing or two :)

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    Hi Diantra...I'm new too! I've been riding for a while but still remember the learning experience. You are in for some wonderful times with great people. Even though you may ride alone, you are really never alone as motorcyclists generally look out for one another. All the best!
  6. Thanks Chrissy! Hope so! Only moved back to Melbourne in September and pursuing a couple of long held dreams - this is one of them :)
  7. Wow Juz - thank you!!! Do you know if it is on Easter Saturday? I am working this Saturday but will be raring to go after that! Thank you again! Di :)
  8. Its in the carpark behind the servo, to the left of the marina, in Beaconsfied parade,

    Its on every Sat morning from about 10 ish,

    Drop in there, thy are very welcoming to newcomers, You will see all the bikes there, You may even get some one local to ride with,
  9. Welcome to NR...
  10. Howdy and welcome DiantraDiantra . Cool avatar!
  11. Thank you for making me feel so welcome :) Pity I don't look like the Avatar- only difference being I am blonde of course! ha ha ha Definitely looking forward to getting down to the practice sessions and meeting some like minded folk :) Whoo hoo! Happy Day! :)
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  12. Probably will be on on Easter Saturday, just depends on the weather. Hawklord calls it off if the weather is bad bc it can be a bit dangerous for newer riders.

    Another option is the mentor thread. If you post in there that you're looking for a mentor, there might be someone free to give you a hand. Voila! Private lesson!


    Also read the noob 101 cornering threads. Very useful information in there.
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  13. As GreydogGreydog said the noob threads are good reading and have saved me from making a lot of newbie mistakes.

    If I looked like my avatar, I wouldn't be riding a glorified postie bike :ROFLMAO:
  14. Thank you! Now where do I find the noob threads? Gawd I'm such a tech savvy! ha ha ha
  15. Found the threads! Whoo hoo - GO ME!! ha ha ha Thank you one and all :)
  16. welcome aboard :]
  17. Thank you - very happy to be here :)
  18. Welcome DiantraDiantra. There is no turning your back on bikes now, you have the bike bug!!
  19. Thanks Petesul ... I think I've always had the bug but life had other plans for me up until now. I am a tragic when it comes to watching Isle of Mann TT clips or Valentino Rossi clips ... right now it's watching the MotoGP and today bought the books on Casey Stoner and Marc Marquez so looking forward to those reads :) Guess I've finally taken that jump ... and the best is yet to come! Hell yeah! :)
  20. Hello and welcome! :)