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New licence restrictions in Vic

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by heffa, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Ok, Ive had a full drivers licence for a number of years before going for my motorbike L's. Held my L's for the normal 3 months and passed my licence test.
    By my understanding, I am restricted to the normals stuff (max 250cc, 0 BAC, no pillion) for the first year on my full licence. I confirmed these details on the Vicroads site.
    Ive had a few people telling me that the restrictions only last for 6 months if I previously had a full licence. What could they be refering to? Is there something Im missing here?

  2. They are telling you porkies.....
    the only thing different between full lic holders and those with no full car lic is you don't need to display your P plate, the remaining restrictions still apply for the full 12 month period, eg, no pillions, no booze and no bike over 250cc.
  3. +.99 spot on Caz V1
    The capacity restriction is sub 260cc I believe.
  4. Oh yeah, thats right it is 260cc. :)
  5. Cheers guys. Figured it was BS :p
  6. i got my license today (p's) @ ridetek thanks Pete & Glen :grin:
    now in 12months from today i can go and jump on any bike over 250CC
  7. 1. 'grats
    2. you are (hopefully we all are) still learning!
    3. The figure is 260 FWIW
  8. Ha Ha Ha...

    You can apply to have your restrictions lifted... In the past in QLD if you weigh over X amount you can have the 250cc restriction lifted... AND in Vic if you have held your CAR licence for over X amount of years without loosing any points you also could have the restriction lifted... How I know?? coz one mate went to QLD to get his bike licence just so he could ride a biger bike... (he was both tall and heavy 130Kg+) and another mate had a spotless 20 years behind a wheel...

    Now keep in mind this happened 5-6 years ago so things could have changed...
  9. I just rang VICROADS to find out about this, and after speaking to 4 different people I was told that this is NOT the case. There is no avenue in Victoria to have your restrictions lifted.
  10. looks like things have changed...
  11. You must have a lot of time on your hands... I hate calling the (rta) even when I HAVE to
  12. can some one please give me a proper awnser if i come off restrictions after holding my licecne for 12months
    some people have said its 3yr's just like p plates on a car ?
  13. If you have no other license and this is your first
    you come off restrictions after 12 months but must display a P plate for 3 years so the P plate provisions cover 3 years but restrictions on pillions and engine capacity are only 12 months.
  14. Correct. And after the 12 month restriction period, then you will still be covered by P plate restrictions for the next 24 months. You will be allowed to ride bigger bikes and carry pillions, but you will not be allowed to register a BAC and you must carry your licence with you at all times when riding. You will also still face whatever P plate penalties apply for offences if they differ from full licence penalties and you must abide by P plate speed limits for your state if applicable etc... :)
  15. yeah, the legalities of riding something above your restrictions (260cc) are crazy... who knows what can be thrown at ya... maybe manslaughter and stuff... don't forget no insurance...
  16. UNLESS...........

    you are over 30yrs, then you just find a mate who lives in NSW and 'move to his house', then you get full licence straight away with a mature age exemption :wink:
  17. i can ride a bit harder now :) just got off my restrictions on saturday :LOL: man it was hard riding past cops for the past 4 months but hey its all good and i got away with it and now im looking at upgrading from a 600 to a 1000 already :cool: perfect timing i say :LOL:
    merry Xmas folks
  18. No more 250cc on P's

    If people in Victoria are worried about ridng only a 250cc motorbike or/and not being able to pillion people for the first 12 months of their licence, go to Tasmania and convert your licence to their states. With out any problems you can ride up to 650cc and even to 1000cc on your first 12 months if you explain the right reasons to them. (EG. Your a large person that travels on the highway so you need a more powerful bike). They dont know how big you are over the phone. Just call them before you do so. Ohh and by the way you need 100 points of I.D., have to prove you are and have lived there longer than 3 months to obtain it (Eg Rent receipt with a Tasmanian address, they dont check) and dont tell them your living interstate. They will deliver it to an address within 2 weeks so be sure you give a Victorian mailing address for what ever reason you need to give. (Eg. Your mail gets stolen where you live so send to my mums in Victoria) And ask you need to keep your old Victorian licence because you need it as I.D. to fly back on the plane. Call Service Tasmania on 1300 13 55 13.

    Not just servicing Tasmanians!
  19. Re: No more 250cc on P's

    Now that you have told all of Australia and the world don't you think that maybe someone will pass on this to the relevant Tasmanian authorities and now they will tighten up the regs?
    We do have gov.co and law enforcement types who do peruse these forums.
  20. Well I was thinking that while I was writing that post and felt that not many people know about it on the main land here and as I'll never tell 630 people which is the amount that has read this section so far, if it helps people advising them thats great. Its not illegal to ask Service Tasmania to increase the cc capacity on your first 12 month of licence. This has been done so for years. Secondly, just like NSW and Queensland giving mature riders (over 30s) an increase cc capacity, some people (not a huge amount) have been taking advantage of this in a similar way for along time also. I feel this would be less the case in Tasmania. It would be very hard/costly to investigate the legitimacy of people moving interstate to these three states I believe, based on this, I took this gamble to post the information. Im not advising people to carry out this procedure but I'm just letting people know of the opportunity. There will always be loopholes which people will always exploit.