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new leathers!! =D

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. just bought me some leathers from PS in melb! :grin: :grin:

    all A* gear, so zips together n shiz :)

    TZ1 Jacket - euro 46 black... prick only comes in black in my size, damn you all you big/fat riders hogging the market :p comfy jacket with a removable vest liner. shame theres shit all reflective/bright stuff on it, coz im restricted by size. $700

    Track pants - last years or something, so i got em on the cheap for $500 not $770 :) again, black and euro 46. zips in 3/4 with the jacket.

    i never new i looked so sexy in an all black leather suit :grin: :p :LOL:

    got some DriRider waterproof overpants for $35, n they threw in the jacket for free, not $65 :grin: hahaha its gonna be funny for people seeing me scramble to get the waterproofs on, pulleed over on side of road if it startssto rain or something! it was hard enough in a dry shop, with a seat available. this was with boots on n stuff.

    speaking of which, boots were from Metro Honda in ringwood, A* Vertex with the Gortex liner - euro 42. theyre last year's boot, new model has replaced them, so they were $280 not $400 :)

    all in all, roughly $1500 for the lot. considering the day was meant to be looking @ scooters for mum, it turned out fairly expensive! for mum's credit card anyway :LOL: :LOL: but then again, pretty damn good deal i rekon :)

    now i just need my Arai Condor helmet (best one that fitted me, n cheap coz older model :grin: ), some gloves, im yet to work out what i want, probably just some A* SP-2s n then something for wet/winter riding, n a bike!! that would definately help! :p

    by the way, is it wrong im sitting here @ this hour, wearing the gear, wanting to sleep with it? :grin:
  2. a friend of mine will be shelling out $2500 for extra gear on top of the purchase price of new bike at PS

    He will be getting a 16% discount. And I will be also purchasing my gear together to get same discount. :LOL:
  3. Congrats on your gear! Hopefully you can just look snazzy in it and never have to test out its protective qualities :grin:
  4. cheers Pinkxie! hey just out of curiousity, but how come you have photos of every man and his dog i mean bike, on the Spur? bored on the weekends? :p
  5. :worthlesspics:

    Glad your mother cares about your safety by buying you safety gear!
  6. I had troubles with my eyes for a few months, so couldn't ride for a bit. However, I did manage to be able to get there on the back of John's bike, then while he played I sat on the corner taking snaps. I didn't want to miss out completely! BTW, my eyes are normal again now. Turned out I was allergic to the Dubbin I put on my leathers to protect them :roll:
  7. :shock: crap! oh well, least your good now :)

    hopefully there'll be a pic of me there soon!!!

    mmm i will need some dubbin tho, what else is good for caring for leathers?
  8. Don't think the stuff is still about but Coppertone was a suntan cream that everyone used back when Adam was in short pants. I had in on once while on holidays (never used the crap normally back then) and one morning I had this terrible rash, I wanted to go out on the beach again so on went more. Took a few days to work out it was the coppertone making the ichy rash and I was alergic to it.
  9. Beeswax works great, keeps the leather soft and supple and also gives the leather some degree of water resistance. I use a product called "Only Emu" which is beeswax mixed with emu oil and eucalyptus - works brilliantly. Dubbin's basically just beef fat and candle wax - so unlike beeswax it can cause stitching to rot.
  10. I use renapur which also contains beeswax. They have a web site and I think I saw it at mars leather. helps if you get your leathers nice and warm before you put it on.