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new leathers and waterproofing them

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by oz_johnno, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Howdi,
    After many years of riding I have deceided to pick up a set of leathers (pick em up on thursday actually)

    go the red power ranger !!!

    they are a good brand and I need the protection so I can put up with the colour.

    anyways as far as looking after them is concerned, I was wondering if it was possible to somehow waterproof them with some sort of leather conditioner......

    any ideas ??

  2. I used Sno Seal on mine but have not had them wet yet.

    I do, however, slide around on the seat a lot more and dirty my tank with wax all the time 8-[
  3. Man I like those carbon helmets...I want one :-( now :-(
  4. I use renapur.
  5. I second that. Sno Seal is easy to apply but it does leave a mess on your tank. I went as far as wiping the leathers down again with a clean cloth but still not a lot of difference.

  6. this is not a problem with renapur.

  7. The best thing for leathers is Mink Oil.

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  8. I've had success with coating my jacket in neatsfoot oil and another product, the name of which eludes me for the moment. Ill get the names and supplier when I get home.