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New Leathers and Sliders

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gixr.thou, May 31, 2012.

  1. OK... Bought new leathers about two months ago. Shinny new with brand new knee sliders. Wore them to work a stack of times but today the boss noticed and said "New? Nice knees (sacastic dig at big plastic sliders)"
    As sad as this is I looked at my sliders and thought, 'that's kinda sad, they are still shinny new, I must look like a total tosser.'

    So... lunchtime comes around, I throw a leg over the bike, head to the nearest twisties do a quick lefty-righty and scrub the sliders in. (Minister of War has banned me from racing and/or track days due to lack of self control on my part)

    Do I feel better? Not sure...

    Who still has sliders on their leathers that are totally unscathed?
    And, does this bother you?

    Cheers for your input,
  2. M dad has been riding for years and is bloody quick, but doesnt hang off and consequently has never scraped knees. Its a pretty shallow way to judge. (I have broken in sliders before people criticise)
  3. Just scuff them up a bit with an angle grinder.
  4. I feel a certain self pressure to break in new sliders. Riding around on cherry new ones is ...

    It's a bit like the new leathers curse - anything could happen! You've got to scuff the new off them before the the gods toy with you bit.

    Here's a little clip of me scrubbing in my last set of new ones. ... :angel:
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    Funny. Why is the video description titled "some random bloke I found on the internet". Ahaha

  6. Me.

    No. :)

    When I've gotten rid of my strips, then I'll work on the sliders.

    Must get to another trackday...
  7. Just out of interest - Dave Jefferies said he never once put his knee down outside of racing. And he was pretty famous for carving up everyone on the roads of Northern England.
  8. Took mine off the day I got them.
    Got a silver magic marker
    Wrote 'Rossi' in scribble font
    Made $550 on e-bay
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  9. Never ride in undamaged leathers!

    this is a lesson that was taught to me by irena from ozmotoleathers when i picked up my gimoto suit. She promptly took to my fresh leathers with scissors so scuff up one of the zip flaps to ensure my safety (i was slightly shitting myself at this point that she was going to do some serious damage :p).

    Considering my mate (toadcat) broke his leg shortly after buying his Dianese leathers (where you dont get the same life saving scuffing service as you do for gimoto) i subscribe to this ideology.

    For the record my sliders are pretty untouched bar a few occasions when tapped the ground momentarily rather then getting slid along the road. I really dont think its a big deal, proper knee sliding on the road is generally not the wisest of ideas anyhow.

    EDIT: chicken strips are a different story
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  10. Hi Geoff,

    I was going to answer the questions at the end but I'm still getting over the comment around NOT being allowed to do track days, all the while getting knee down on the road....some one needs a quiet word with your missus cause if you're doing that you may as well get onto a track! Not only does knee down become a moot point but if it goes pear shaped you're gonna fair alot better than an off on the road (which I'm sure YOU'RE aware of, but is the missus...?_)

    Maybe show her that video with MickyD/trackday/racing where they superimposed bus stops etc onto the track to sort of show why the track is that much safer....esp if you lack self control as we all do LOL :)

    Thumbs up mate - as far as the questions go, No and by default No.

    hehehehe.... :D
  11. She knows. But your welcome to reminder her.

    Road riding I'm well aware of the dangers and stay within my skills and the bikes limits by quite a bit. Yeah, there is still the other idiot to worry about. I figure, if I really worried about the other idiots I'd never ride a bike on the road, and probably not on some tracks now that I think about it.

    She knows that on a track it's win, place or crash trying, with me. I have an out of control competitive steak. On the road though, there's no scoring system, no timers, and no trophies, so I don't care if I get beaten to the coffee shop or the pub. That just means its their shout. :)

    Cheers for the replies peoples. I asked cause I was interested in the response.
  12. sorry if im misinformed but trackdays are not races...

    There are no trophies or places or official times (i think?)
  13. I found that the first 10 or so trackdays occasionally my knee would touch down and i really wasnt trying to.But then one trackday it just seemed it wouldnt get of the track,so yep they are really worn in but its funny that if i feel like chasing some one down at the track i deliberatly really pick my knees up and im sure i get around quicker without grinding them into the track.Take into account that i ride a zx9 and i am 5,5" tall so its a fair way down and a fair way off the bike to get near any surface.
  14. Not real good at reading between the lines hugh?

    I used to race.
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  15. I've got new leathers arriving soon. Will prob head down to the local culdesac to scrub them in. That way along with my chicken stripless tyres (from my last trackday) I'll get mad props and respect up at the MtG cafe when I'm sipping on my latte next Sunday ;)

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  16. My sliders are scrubbed in... If they weren't I think, yes it would bother me :)

    But I mainly wear Kevlar jeans for the road anyhow, I feel like an idiot off the bike walking around in knee slider/leather pants

  17. Rochdale/underwood area gateway merge? i always get the urge to do that there.. haha
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