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NEW LEATHER SUIT. What type and where to buy ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Felix, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I am wanting to buy a 2pc leather suit. As I am very safety conscious, I want to make sure it’s of good quality so am thinking of well known brands. I intend on doing more track days and the majority of my riding is Royal National Park so I think it would be a good idea.

    1) Is there any disadvantage to getting a 2 piece ? I was just wanting one because they are more practical.

    2) I've seen some very cheap suits ( less than $500 on websites) but am very skeptical of their quality in a crash situation. Am I wrong ? I really like the Berik gear….. what other brands would you recommend that I should consider?

    3) Can anyone recommend any good websites or stores (here or overseas) that have really good pricing etc. I've heard there’s some great online stores in the US. Where should I buy my leathers ?

    Thanks heaps,
  2. Theres plenty of Saggy Bum (Berik) guys here,its a great quality and nicely made suit. If your lucky, Action might still have some Berik suits for sale, most of us got it at half price.
  3. online can be cheaper but this is the one thing you need to try on....

    my experience: I had the cash for a dainese suit and was ready to lay out the $$$. i went to mcas city store and they just wouldn't fit. tried alpinestar and berik. 1 piece suits were good, felt great but wouldnt fit. i ended up buying a new jacket off a mate who didnt ride anymore....checked out mcas auburn store( much bigger ) and found the matching pants for $350 and they fit. so i saved a lot of $$. i think 2 piece is better because you can zip them together and i can use the jacket separately.

    so you do need to try them on....i'd recommend buying from a shop for this and the purchase.
  4. Don't actually buy it from a shop... find a suit online that you like and try to find a shop that sells it. Try it on in the shop, find out what size (if any) fits you, then go online and buy the same suit in the same size. Save your $$$.
  5. One piece if your gona do heaps of trackdays or 2 piece for the road 1 piece is a pain it is bearable though i ride on the road in m onesie
  6. hey Sixty Degrees mototrcycles in notting hill have Beriks in stock cheeeeeap as , great quality, kinda between shift and dainese. ones and twos. i love my dainese 2piece, sooo comfy and lasts as long as ya take care.
  7. Huh. A pity I don't really like the one and two piece suits, too thin for my liking. I prefer armored pants and an armored jacket.
  8. Huh too thin you dont get thicker than a cowhide onepiece
  9. Someone say 'Saggy Bums' ? (y)

    Exactly what AznCruiser said, Felix. The Berik suit we all bought (some 1 piece, others 2) is a great product and feels very comfortable when donned.
    Shop around mate and try a few on to get a first-hand view of the feel, quality.
  10. Sweetie, I shall remain ever hopeful that you never crash test your armored pants and jacket.
  11. Sweetie, I like you, because you are keen to be a student of the craft.

    Sugarplums, repeat after me; Kangaroo is lighter, thinner, and 4 times stronger than cow hide, the only naturally product that offers more abrasion resistance is Stingray hide, and yes it is used on some race gloves.

    Question: If I have a Berik (I don't) does that give me entry in Saggy Bum's
  12. There is areason why you HAVE to wear leather on a track - It's the safest gear available.
  13. Woot saggy bums :)

    Yes kangaroo is the go for a suit i think my next one will be a gimoto kangaroo.
    On my berik only the top half i kangaroo bottom half is cow i think to cut costs, why else would you go half?.
    Why else would all the moto gp riders wear roo over cow??
    As rattus said lighter stronger winwin and there suits are all custom made.
    The worst bit is all our roo hides get shiped over seas made into fine suits and ten sent back to us.

    I looked into getting some gloves from heroic racing in the states his gloves have stingray palms and fingertips not cheap but well worth it. Never got a response when i emailed him i was going to buy a suit from him too.

    And rattus yes you have to have a berik o be in the saggy bums club. We had someone try and weasel there way in with a*.
  14. So you get to tell people you are wearing kangamoo.
  15. Wow guys.... I only posted this thread a couple of hours ago..... and so much feedback and response...... really appreciate it.... THANK YOU.

    PS: Where do I find Kangaroo Hide suits ? Do all brands use them ?

    Why one piece for track days ?

  16. LOL are u insane? Nothing beats leather, also the Berik has Titanium shoulder, knee and hip gaurds, also has the hump for extra protection

    To the OP
    I can vouch for the Berik as i have tested them the way they are ment to be tested :D
    Go to actions, sale is still on

  17. look for Berik Capirex
  18. Do we need to re-promote the Berik suit to our OP ?

    That is, showing the true meaning/origins of the clubs' founding name via our introductory pics ? lol
  19. Sweetie Insane, horrendously misinformed or just a complete dickweed, honestly sweetie how do you justify posting such mis-information.

    When I parted company with the vessel of my desire at over 200 delicious klicks, for a brief instant I wished I had armored fabric on........and then I was biatch slapped by the common sense of reality - I was ensconced in Kangaroo.

    Sugarplums this post is directed at that bitter berry with the username of Kernel

  20. check out marz leather elizebeth st
    the shop dont look like much but they know what they are talking about

    dont buy cheap inline shit cause a lot of it is single stitched and will pull apart when your a sliding down the road.

    roo leather is good, but its fuggin expensive as shit and you will get hurt just as bad if you slam into a gutter no matter what your wearing.

    2 piece is better than 1 piece cause its more practical, you can wear just the jacket with a pair of jeans and you dont have to get undressed to take a dump

    nuff zed