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New leather jacket is too stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Ok folks, as the thread title says.....
    my new leather jacket is very very stiff and extremely uncomfortable to wear or ride in.
    Any suggestions other than wear it round the house to help speed up the process of breaking in this jacket? I feel like a robot in it.

    I got a real bargain, this jacket retails here in Australia for $689 and I got it delivered to my door from the states for $375 AUD normal retail in the states is $400 USD. I'm stoked at the quality and weight, not to mention the bargain price.
    Its an Icon Kitty jacket, in purple... I love it, apart from the fact it squeaks alot. It even came with a Saint Christopher thingy (patron saint of travellers) sewn into the breast pocket.

  2. See if you can find some leather conditioner. I use this stuff called Zanolin. was meant for shoes but softens up new leather as well as adding a slight protective coating (easier to wipe stuff off). Got it from either DJs or Aquila.
  3. congrats on your new jacket, nice choice :grin:

    heres some quick easy tips:

    keep the leather warm before putting it on ie: sit it in a sunny spot (or heated room if in winter) to help the grain expand as it contracts when cold

    apply a leather stretcher/conditioner to the really firm areas

    remove the liner if possible on your first couple of wears so it also gets your body heat to help the stretching/moulding process

    when not wearing it, keep in a warm area & place on an dining chair or similar zipped up to help the shoulder armour bed in

    & finally, if you want, you can also firmly stuff it full of clothes or newspapers etc when not in use to keep it from contracting so much
  4. Get yourself one of those Renapur Leather Basam, apply onto the jacket in a hot day and hang it out under the sun.
  5. Hey Caz be very careful with what you apply to leather, especially coloured leather in light tones, so no products that contain petroleum distillates, (turpentine or mineral spirits) so it will not “pull†the colour. You need to keep leathers natural moisture content in but without clogging the pores or stripping its natural oils, use a product that is free of wax and silicone, which can cause leather to lose its ability to allow air in and moisture out.
    Regular conditioning of your leather garment will keep the leather supple, free of cracks and looking great just like me :LOL:
    Harley-Davidson Leather Care is the absolute bomb for such a task.
  6. :LOL: George.... you had a fair few cracks hanging around on Friday night :p

    Thanks for all the advice folks.....
    one thing I forgot to mention is this jacket has LOTS of embroidery on it.
    It has two huge checkered flags embroidered on the back and they are illuminous, I am reluctant to put anything on the bits that are embroidered incase it discolours the embroiderery.

  7. If you believe Hollywood, the Hells Angels have this really great trick, it starts out with everybody standing in a circle around your jacket and drinking heaps of really bad booze until they eventually need to pi ..... OK, maybe not a good idea :LOL:
  8. Perhaps you could have someone massage you through the jacket.
  9. yes, perhaps I could :wink:
  10. Know anyone called Sven?? :LOL:
  11. Maybe put Scotch guard on the embroided bits Caz?

    Nice jacket BTW. :grin:

    I got my from USA too and was very, very stiff. Keep up the leather conditioners and keep it in the sun to soften. It takes a bit but it does get better.
  12. I could barely move in my newest jacket but persisted with it. Then I wore it on a couple of hot and sweaty rides and now it fits really well. :grin: