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New Learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pingu, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    First time rider, long time dreamer.

    on 21/8/07 at HART i achieved something i truely thought would never happen, i got my L's on a bike.

    after an accident that was my fault (stupid really) i had a sudden stop and the bike came down on my finger crushing it with the H/Bar. as it was cold i had no idea of the damage.. so bandaged it up, and kept riding in order to pass my test. after i passed went hospital, and yep... compound fracture and plastic surgery etc..

    back home now and HANGING for my first solo ride.

    about 2 weeks away.

    hope to see you all on the road !

    Pingu ( minus a flipper )

  2. Welcome to the nut house.

    Good to see that your ok

    Dont ever ask me to stay at the hospital again, NOT going to happen. :p :grin: :grin:

    Aleast your alive and safe.


    see ya tomoz
  3. Supporrt

    Also short note to my best friend, sudo nurse and pillar of support through all this.

    littlething - you're the best. Thankyou mate, we'll ride together soon.
    p.s im gunna kick your a** in monopoly one day!

  4. hiya Pingu!

    you may wanna update your profile so people know where your from, and chuck your bike in the garage so we can all have a peek :grin:

    well come aboard :biker:
  5. Heya dude.

    If he lives anywhere close to his best mate littlething, it'd be down Werribee way. I am there once/twice a week visiting the missus (depending on needs :wink: ).

    See you on the road soon....

  6. :LOL:
    i did something similar not so long ago! i badly dislocated my thumb in the cold, putting a 3in1 on the bobcat and didnt realise until i warmed up.
    good luck with the healing, and welcome to the forums :)
  7. Your most awesome ride

    Hi all,

    because im grounded until a.) Own a bike b.) well enough to ride my bike,
    i was wondering what would be your most "awesome ride"

    let your thoughts run free!

  8. Good to see - a toughy! And congrats on passing your Ls :grin:
  9. Blackspur

    The guys at HART told us that the blackspur ride is really great...however a learner should be careful of some of the turns etc, apart from that great views, fun ride... looks fun from the photos...cant WAIT to ride
  10. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  11. New bike nearly here!

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your well wishes etc, re my finger and also the new learners achievement. Littlething yesturday tells me "guess what you've only got 2 dermerit points left" shock went through the system.. thats a long time to be good! - I was unaware of the '5 points' rule, but its good in a way i can be a bit slower on the road in the car and a dam sight more careful on the bike.

    I am looking at getting a really nice 2004 Virago, had a ride the other day and loved it, really like the cruiser, as im going to ride to work and to clients etc, so will be riding alot on long kms. Noticed the dif in turning circle and how you coast through the turn unlike a cb250.

    Buying all the bike gear today, and hope to pick up the bike itself next week,
    any suggestions from those who ride or have ridden the cruiser or even virago?


  12. NEW BIKE!

    Hi all,

    got my new Virago today absolutely wrapped with her! gave it a good clean and polish and she is sitting proudly in the garage.

    A HUGE thanks to Littlething, who has been there for me ever step of the way, from the HART training - the hospital stay after the accident and today, sharing my first ride (even though we had 50ish KMH crosswinds!)

    you're a true friend, thanks for showing me what life is for.... LIVING!

    love ya

  13. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
    Oh my gosh, you really know how to make a person blush.

    Glad I could be there for you and Thankyou so much for the lovely words.
  14. congrats pingu,

    you got your licence on at hard 2 days after i did :)..

    anyhow im ridin my cbr250rr from airport west to camberwell everday along the freeway to work and lovin life!

    all the best.
  15. Congrats on your rides, Pingu and YellowBandit! Stay safe and enjoy :grin:
  16. pinkxie couldnt help noticing you have a 2007 cbr600rr on order...i was going to get one as well next year but ive had 3 people confirm to me that the bikes are perfect except they are having mega transmission issues.
  17. :?: I hadn't heard that (obviously). Says who? Hopefully the warrantee will sort out any problems.
  18. hope all goes well..2 of the 3 people are friends...but hopefully if u have the same problem they will fix it for u :D
  19. My computer is called Pingu.
  20. My 4 year old nephew is very fond of an amimation series featuring mr 'Pingu' ;-)