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New Learner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jeffo, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Woot just got my learner licence!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was very easy i'd have to say took about 1 min and now i can start learning. hopefully i'll be out on the road by the time i start uni in late Feb

  2. Congratulations...
    Now don't lose your head.
  3. Congrats Jeffo :grin:
  4. grats dude. But i thought once you got your L's = going on the road?
  5. Whoo bike shopping time! Congratulations Jeffo! :p

    Just wanted to add, don't forget to do a practice run to campus on Sunday morning or some other quiet time before uni starts.

    It will build your confidence before the first scary commute with all the peak hour traffic. Also you can scout out where the hell the designated motorcycle parking is on campus.
  6. Congrats, enjoy the ride.
  7. well done mate!:dance:

    The best references for learning are right here in this segment. A wealth of knowledge from really experienced people.

    Don't be afraid to ask and look through as many posting as you can.

    Don't be put off by people who reply "use search button" as the mantra is "connecting riders" and if means we repeat topics for learners or newbies, then that is just as easy to respond positvely!(compared to posting "been there!")

    Good luck and ride within your capabilities
  8. thanks guys i'm so excited can't wait to start learning i'm going to go to Morgan & Wacker at Brookside they same like a good bunch of people (were really helpful on the phone) they think it should take about 12hrs or so to pick it all up and get riding.

    Charlzee - L's means i can start to learn without it i can't learn at the schools.

    lopsided - Yeah thats what i'll have to do however i'll probably be going to Carseldine QUT for 2007 so it will be against traffic so not much to worry about there. Nice carpark though to ride around in good corners and just been redone so all nice and smooth.
  9. charlzee, the system here in qld is that to get ur L's u have to do the written test - not a practical course like i think they do in vic.

    then u r allowed to go on the road - but (as rosie discovered when she got to qld) u have to be accompanied by an experienced rider.....

    have fun jeffo, and the carpark at carseldine sounds great - i might need to come down there to practice if they've done it up....there's a brilliant curving road from the main gate round from memory.