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New learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rah 15, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    I'm another 'late' rider bloomer at 36. Have my learner's booked in for the end of Oct and am in the midst of buying gear and a bike (looking at a CBR 250 or 300) so I can get going as soon the permit's in the bag!

    Have really enjoyed reading NR so far - very useful prep - and am looking forward to getting more involved from now on.

    Am in SE Melb and will no doubt be reaching out to potential mentors at some point so thanks in advance!

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  2. Morning Rah, where have you been shopping for gear so far?
  3. Welcome to NR!

    I myself started only a year ago at 37. I can tell you there's definitely no going back.
  4. Thanks!

    Please let me know if this starts to go off topic from a welcome thread.

    Jayce - have only been to PS (Ringwood) so far. Needed a good intro into the gear and must say, the service was excellent - not pushy and very patient. I didn't buy anything on the day (didn't have everything in stock) but provided they would price match against internet prices (or get close to it), I'd have no issue with buying from there. They gave me a quote and advised me to research anyway. Other views welcome.
  5. I think going off topic is fine, I went to AMX Lynbrook Shop 3/550 South Gippsland Hwy I got everything there in the end.
    They discounted everything a ittle and I thought it was well priced anyway.
  6. Pfft 36...still a young'un!!!! :) Me? 50...
    Anyway hi and welcome and have fun!
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  7. Hey Rah 15Rah 15, welcome to NR and life on two wheels. "Late" doesn't apply to a 36 year old :) Many of us here took up riding much later that 36, so I totally agree with caz64caz64, very much a "young'un"! All the best with your test, happy bike hunting and sorting out gear.
  8. Welcome to NR... and to the wonderful world of motorbikes..
  9. welcome aboard :] & as Jayce87Jayce87 said AMX is good for gear also. If you have an idea of what you want and prices well worth a look to compare
  10. Thanks all for the warm welcome and I'll definitely check AMX out.

    I also managed to pick up a used CBR 300 in great condition so getting closer!
  11. Pfft 50....Still a young'un haha! :) me? 58 going on 21 ;-)
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  12. Welcome to Netrider Ra!.... Post a picture of your bike please :)
  13. Will do as soon as it is delivered! *excited grin* (a few weeks away to line up with my learner's permit)
  14. Hi all

    A bit of a self-bump. Since my original post last year, it's all been quiet as I broke my foot just two weeks before my learner's course was due.

    Didn't recover until early this year but thankfully all got back to normal and got my Ls this week.

    So now all set. Will be heading to Elwood very soon, just need to get a bit of road experience under my belt as I haven't done any road riding yet. Will be starting with block laps this week and will go on from there.

    Thanks for all the support so far; quite impressed by the netrider community.
  15. broken foot two weeks before test the sucks but Congrats on the Ls :) I bet your still smiling :)