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VIC New learner system - Accepted into program

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maetrik, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. As you are all probably aware, VicRoads recently proposed and held meetings with riding groups regarding a new learner system involving 100 hours of supervised riding or thereabouts.

    I got the discussion paper sent out to me for a read, and as a result just got a phone call and was randomly selected to participate in a trial based upon these proposals.

    The information given was pretty patchy however i was told it will involve 4x1 hour supervised riding sessions with instructors followed by 3x30 minute phone interviews. I have agreed to participate in this trial and will receive confirmation whether it will commence in 6 weeks or whether i'll be in the second group in 12 months.

    So it looks like they are really pushing ahead with this and getting rider feedback, they asked heaps of questions just then relating to my riding behaviour, attitudes towards road laws and regulations, riding mentality, opinion of other road users etc. I just hope that my contributions will be listened too because i certainly do not support the system they proposed a few months ago.

    They are only accepting 2400 riders state-wide so i'd be interested to hear if anyone else has been selected? I will update this thread with any new information about the program as it comes to light.

  2. Even if it is a load of shit, at least i'll be able to verbally let them know about it, unlike the rest of you who can complain about it but have no say.
  3. to be utterly truthfull, whilst I can see benefits from this, in my opinion It doesn't necessarily make you any safer.

    there is reports around and news articles of learner riders having unfortunate accidents while undergoing Monitored Riding.


    I gather you should do this as free mentoring by professionals should never be passed up.
  4. It's part of a study, im not doing this to further my abilities or for the supervised riding. This is part of their proposal to introduce a new learner system. It gives me the rare opportunity to actually give direct input to VicRoads about my thoughts regarding the proposal, which many people on this forum disagreed with.
  5. I am afraid you might be a little mistaken.

    Many times we have had the opportunity to discuss things with VR, and to be perfectly honest, even good solid advice from community representatives more often than not falls onto deaf ears. Although, there may be an opportunity, but at best I* think its naive to believe that VR will do anything but further restrict or make more difficult the process, without enhancing the skills learnt by the learner.

    They would be far better off subsidising more ongoing rider training if taken within your learner period.
  6. I'm not going to be so cynical, if it falls on deaf ears well there is **** all i can do about it. But having a voice is better than having none at all. That's how im approaching it.

    And 4 free 1 hour supervised rides certainly can't hurt, if thats all i take out of it.
  7. Well put. Hope you get something out of it at the very least :)
  8. 100 hours of supervised riding? Screw that! It would be a lot more difficult to find a fully licensed rider who is able to ride with you often enough for you to get your license in a reasonable amount of time than the same with a car. If this system does go ahead, I'm sure glad I got in early before it comes into effect, even if it has resulted in me nearly being killed on a few different occasions.
  9. (y) Well done Maetrik, I really do hope you and VicRoads get something useful out of it ... BUT in the meantime, I'm gonna make sure I get my licence before they bring in any restrictions ... LOL ...maybe that makes my cynical???
  10. Yeah there is a thread in this forum from a few months back with all the details, i think the proposal if it was put into FULL effect would end up costing like $13,000 for a learner to go through the 100 hours of private supervision and associated bullshit, it was ridiculous.

    Hence why im glad i can be involved in this, despite the ''deaf'' ears it may fall on.
  11. $13K is just way too much money, isn't it? I'm really lucky that my husband has over 40 years of bike riding experience and is mentoring me ... so even if we lived in WA where a learner has to have a licenced rider follow them around, I would be okay ... BUT I understand how difficult it is for those who don't have the resources I do!
  12. Maetrik, do you have details about how to get into this ... I would be happy to give VicRoads my feedback too!
  13. No, it has to be by a licensed supervisor, not like when you're on your car L's and it is simply a licensed accomplice. This is the ridiculous nature of it.

    Basically VicRoads attempt to lower the roadtoll by getting riders off the road.
  14. I was given a reference number and told to ring 03 9270 1377 which is a branch of VicRoads apparently. I don't know what the outcome of that will be but i guess its just to formally register.

    Perhaps give them a ring.
  15. That just sucks! Surely if it is good enough for drivers to get experience with a fully licenced driver, then it is good enough for a rider to get experience with a fully licenced rider!

    I don't think VicRoads or the police will ever lower the road toll. They introduced speed cameras to try and combat that, but we all know that they don't really work, except to raise revenue for the state coffers. As long as young, fearless lads (and lasses, with no fear ... we all remember what it was like when we 18-25, nothing was going to touch us!) are riding recklessly, then I don't think that making the licence harder to get will work. VicRoads and the police fail to remember that there are far more drivers/riders on the road then there were 10-20 years ago ... more people using the roads =more fatalities ... but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't all do everything we can as riders to stay as safe as we can.
  16. I totally agree, and i also think that obtaining a learners permit on a motorcycle should be much harder. To have never ridden something with 2 wheels and to pass a piss easy test allowing you on the roads the same day is absolutely absurd.

    I think a new approac is needed, however not one that is going to put riders off wanting to get their licence ie: $13,000 of private lessons.

    The message should be if you cannot control a motorcycle under all circumstances, you don't get a licence. Simple. It's harsh but so is hitting a tree.
  17. (y) +1

    Maetrik, I absolutely agree with all that you have said! The learners test is too easy to pass and it's really scary that people with no experience (me included) can go straight out on a road in traffic on a motorbike. I made sure I did my initiation after getting my learners on very quiet back streets. I'm still not very confident and make sure that I only go places that I know that I can cope with. As a learner, it's hard to concentrate on everything that you need to do to keep the bike moving properly, but also to make sure you are aware of all that traffic around you is doing. It sure is a lot to take in.
  18. I'd have to agree with you on how easy it is to get your learners (half the reason why I chose to get my motorcycle license actually)... surely they should at least make it so you have to be followed around by a licensed supervisor on a moderately busy road and not break any laws to be able to get your learners. But 100 hours of paid supervised riding is just way up there on the other end of the extreme, absolutely absurd.
  19. I believe the current Victorian motorcycle learners system is excellent.

    Is there any evidence to suggest otherwise?