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New Learner, New Adventures - VIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by BottledWater, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    New here. Just got my learners permit yesterday pretty stoked to finally have my learners permit. Been wanting to get my learners for a long time now but i'm finally I have finally have the finances for a bike so I thought it was the right time. Always wanted to go riding with my Grandfather and Uncle since I was a teenager but situations have changed and one is in another state and another in a different country haha.

    Going to buy my gear today and starting seriously looking for a bike now. I'm looking at a DRZ-400SM for my first bike.

    Any tips or advice is really welcome and i'm hoping to do one of the newbie rides on here in the near future.
  2. Welcome to NR, do as many newbie rides as you possibly can!(y)
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  4. Cool thanks guys. I wanted to ride around bit first in my own back streets and I have 3 schools nearby with good carparks that I want to practice on first before I make the step out onto the road.

    I bought a bike today. I bought a 2008 Honda XR400M with 2800km. It looks absolutely great. I gave it a bit of a test ride and loved it.
  5. Good job mate, enjoy it.
  6. welcome, good idea to do the quiet streets or industrial estates or big empty car parks for you to gain some confidence, as suggested above that sat morn prac sessions you WILL get alot out of. take things slowly and you'll get there, I wouldnt suggest learner rides till you can ride in and from the sat prac sessions 'confidently' group rides ARE a different kettle of fish, but very 'do able'. walk before you run grass hopper, and there are a few riders out your way too..
  7. Thanks guys. Yeah i'm going to just be round around my back streets for a little bit first until i'm confident to be out on the road and then I would love to come out to some of the learner events.

    I grew up in the mountains around here so I know most of the nice twisties near me like the back of my hand. I can't wait until I can ride them and learn them all over again on the bike haha.
  8. Picked up my bike today. Rode it home and changed a few things then went riding for a few hours. Decided to do a test run and ride to work which was pretty fun my work isn't to far it's only 10minutes from my place so it's a pretty do-able ride. Was having lots of fun and then my number plates rattled loose and fell off haha. Secured it on tightly now.
    I'm definitely keen to come to the learner Saturdays prac sessions so i'm going to have a think but I would like to come out to the one next week.