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New Learner, need help deciding which Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kyth, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. i recently got my L's a few weeks ago and need help deciding which bike to get. I'm also buying brand new.

    i'm stuck between the VTR250 2007 and the new 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250.

    The VTR is a highly recommended learner and is out now, whilst the ninja will take a few more months to hit Australia (correct me if its longer).

    The ninja looks better (in my opinion) and would be more funner, but the VTR would be nicer for the more longer/country rides.

    i also thought i might not be able to hold either of these bikes up (one weighs 141kg other weighs 151kg and than another 20kg for fuel?),
    i only weigh 50kg and also only 170cm tall. Reckon i might be to light?

    also I've only had 8 hours riding training (on a cb250).

    So i dunno which one to get.

    Any help would be highly appreciated =]
  2. Click on SEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will find thousands of these posts! Some of us are over it!
  3. But yet you took the time to respond?

    Kyth - It's impossible to chose between one bike which is current available and one which isn't. There are alot of people around here who ride the VTR250 most love them.

    Your light but your not tiny, I think you should jump on a VTR and take a test ride.

    PS. I imagine the VTR will be cheaper than the Ninja.
  4. Unless you plan to keep the bike for a very long time, I'd recommend a secondhand one. A Kawasaki GPX, ZZR or a Suzuki accross or similar.

    Great to learn on, you can tinker with it yourself and not lose too much $ in the event of a drop. Also, the resale value will be better than a new one.
  5. I almost bought a VTR, but the sale fell through...

    Instead I got a ZZR and I think I'm much happier. With all the riding I do on the highway, it is so much nicer with a fairing. It was also cheaper, which was a good thing.
  6. Kyth, both of those bikes would be fine for you.

    But to tell you which would suit you more would depend on what you're going to use it for. Commuter/twisties fun with no/little highway use I'd go the vtr

    But if you're going to cane it at high speed, the faired bike would be better.. mind you if you're going to do that, both of those bikes are the wrong choice.
  7. I've seen girls your size maybe even shorter pick up a bmw police bike.
    220 odd kg...

    You'll be fine on either bike, main thing is test ride before you buy. So the decision would mean if you're in a hurry it'll have to be VTR or something already on the market. If you wanna be bikeless for a few more months then wait for the kwaka. and maybe get a test ride and then maybe buy it.
  8. Congratulations to you and good luck.
    Now factor in insurance and full gear and the very real chance you will drop it (hopefully without injuring yourself)
    You could save half the purchase cost and and half the insurance cost and buy 2nd hand. Lear to ride for a couple of years. Put the savings into extra lessons and then buy a new bike when you can ride.
    Just my 2c worth
  9. I personally would go with the VTR every time in your situation, for these reasons:

    - V2 spread of power across the rev range and ease of riding in traffic
    - no fairing - much cheaper in case of low speed and stationary drops
    - Honda reliability
    - upright riding position for a beginner

    I would also suggest going for one a couple of years old second hand, just because you'll lose so much on depreciation and probably want to upgrade in a year or two - but it's your money.
  10. I can't recommend the VTR highly enough...I loved mine! Nice and light, low seat (you should have no probs handling one) and very easy to ride.

    I don't do a lot of highway riding, but I never found the lack of fairing to be annoying anyways (perhaps as I have nothing to compare it to :p)

    I personally love the look of them (especially in the matt black scheme) and they sound great with a pipe.

    I'd agree with buying a slightly used one - potentially better value for money, and you can put the savings towards gear or your next bike...

    Overall I found the VTR a hoot to ride (I'm still an amateur only just about to upgrade though) and I've been told by many experience riders that it is a great performer in its own right due to its agility and smooth power delivery.

    Good luck with the decision though, just thought I'd cast my vote!

  11. dont worry about weight my girlfriend who weights 50kg can easily hold my bike up which is close to 200kg with a full tank
  12. dont worry about weight my girlfriend who weights 50kg can easily hold my bike up which is close to 200kg with a full tank
  13. double post
  14. If you have to buy new and are thinking about an '08 bike, consider one of mine. Should be around the $3,500 mark. hopefully available Feb '08

    Just talking to manufacturer now, 12months on engine for regular use. So its not bad for a $3,500 bike.

  15. wow, thanks for all the replies.

    im buying brand new because second hand vtr's are only a few grand cheaper...

    im going to test ride the vtr and some other bikes tomorrow.

    just wondering, how is the vtr on long rides?

    and is it a good on all road aspects? (freeway/streets/country riding)

    if not, than what is a good bike for all road apects.

    sry for all the questions, i dunno that much about bikes =]
  16. Not sure about other states, but in NSW, the VTRs hold value well - if you can get a nice clean used example, you can probably sell it for a similar amount...however, if you buy new you are guaranteed to lose at least a bit (as long as you don't mind that).

    I overpaid for my VTR from a dealer but it was exactly the bike I wanted (black, pipe, mint condition) - having said that, when I sold it a couple of months ago, I got $300 less than I paid for it initially...

    I found the VTR to be really comfy on all rides and all road types - the suspension is a little soft which is comfy but for lighter persons I don't think it's too much of an issue (I'm a relatively light guy at 67kg).

    The times I took it on freeways I didn't find it too bad (my helmet is very aerodynamic though). Having said that I didn't do much freeway riding so it didn't bother me - you can get a bikini screen for it later if you like...

    However, I've never ridden a faired bike so in that sense I had no comparison. ie. I didn't know any better :p

    Hope that's of some help though...
  17. Can't vouch for the 250 Ninja cos it ain't out yet BUT...

    I can vouch for the VTR which I ride every day - on freeways and suburban and city streets. And I've been doing the same for over a year and it hasn't put a wheel wrong (so far, touch wood). I have also done a couple of country (300+ kay) trips which it handled just fine. I rode with a screen for a while but I've taken it off since because of the wind blast in winter directed straight towards my sole piece of exposed skin - my neck! Great little bike and highly recommend it for a beginner.

    * Proven reliability - heaps of people have em
    * Fuel efficient - over 300 km per tank
    * Goes pretty good - can cruise easily at 110+
    * Skinny - easy to split

    Happy testing!


  18. A bike is only heavy if you drop it......Hopefully this won't happen to you...Even if it does somebody will help you aka the damsell in distress :p let them put their back out :wink:

  19. thanks all,

    sounds like the vtr is the one to get.

    which leaves me with one more thing to make up my mind,

    ill go test ride it in a few days =]