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New learner looking for a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ~eM~, May 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am new to the world of two wheels and currently, looking to get my hands on a bike.

    What I'm looking at are pretty simple and i guess many other people do look for the same things
    1) Cheap
    2) Reliable
    3) Sports bike
    4) LAM (obviously)

    After looking around websites, several other forums I finally have a basic idea on what sort of bike I am intersted in they are as below
    kawa ninja 250
    cbr250rr or single r

    As nice as the new ninjas are, as a brand new learner rider.. i really done see myself spending 7k on a new bike and get real upset when i drop it.

    So it goes to cbr250rr. Some mates of mine said they are really reliable, but some forums have highlighted that they are problematic since they have been around since the 90s.
    Then having a look on bikesale, prices of around 5-7k for a 1990 cbr250rr, i end up asking myself why dont i get a brand new ninja?
    Obviously, there are good deals out there... but this was what I thought in general.

    A mate of mine have a 87-88 cbr250r, which he might look to sell for 3k. With little knowledge on values of bikes, and whether or not they are problematic mechanically.. i do not know if he is trying to rip me off or what? (not to mention, its been dropped cracked and scratched... and hes bought it around 5 years ago for 3.5-4k)
    He also had problems with starting the bike on cold winter days and require a push start
    He did say however, that if I do not buy it off him, he would look to trade it in at the dealers.

    So what can you guys suggest?
    Should I be looking at new or near new ninjas and dont worry about the cbrs?
    Or should i be looking at 250rr's... and if so, what do I look for when purchasing?

    or my mates 250r?

    Also, are there any other nice sporty looking bikes out there that fits in the range that i may have missed?

    Sorry for the long first post,
    but thanks in advance!
  2. Any reason you are only looking at 250's? Seeing as you are going to be on a restricted license for 3 years (unless you qualify under the mature rider scheme?) then you might want to consider getting one of the larger LAMS bikes to see you through.

  3. Correct me if Im wrong, but the majority of LAM are 250cc?
    I am currently 23 and do not fit into the mature rider scheme, which means ill be on the LAM restriction for a while.
  4. Well ive been down your road. Bought my first CBR250R, not a huge difference between the RR and R i recken,
    "woah twin rotars!!"

    Both bikes will be old as hell, 20years or there abouts.

    Its gonna be beaten up, thrashed and lots of small things wrong with it you will have to live with.

    This is a general consensus of all CBR's out there.

    Im not looking at getting a WR450F or WR250F, depending on what i prefer.

    Id keep this bike for a very long time, and i get to ride dirt as well :)

    If you really want a 4cyl 250 go for it, just don't spend more then 4k.
  5. Thanks for your reply mate,
    for now i am really looking at sports style bikes.. (which was one of the reasons i got my license - maybe sometime down the track ill change to something else)

    So would it justify spending an extra 1-1.5k for a RR instead of a R?
  6. Don't just decide you want a CBR250RRRR before riding one. Have a ride of one, and also make sure you ride plenty of other bikes (GS500, CB400, VTR250, etc etc). I like the way the CBR250s ride, but I don't think they are worth what they cost. It's also pretty hard to find a decently young one (1995 - 1998).

    There are quite a few non-250 LAMS bikes around, although you are right in saying that most are 250.
  7. The RR (MC22) is very different to the single R (MC19). Different seating position, different frame, lots of incompatible parts, different engine characteristics etc. The MC22 also has the benefit of dual front calipers (which may or may not do anything).

    Some parts for the MC19 are becoming increasingly difficult to source. Honda never sold the MC19 here, so dealers will be less able to help ordering in parts etc.

    If the difference is ~1k, its probably worth going the MC22.

    And of course, consider other bikes too. Other bikes may not be as racey as the cbr250, but they do the job just fine.
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  9. Thanks everyone,

    I guess i should keep an open mind and just get whichever good deal i can get.
  10. When I first went looking for a bike I had my mind set on one of the last CBR250RR tri-colour bikes (I think it was a 1997 model, can't remember exactly now). Part of the reason was because a friend had one. It didn't have high kms, looked to be in great condition and then I sat on it. It was all over at that point since I had to bend my legs as far as they could go. I ended up with a VTR in the end.

    If you're totally set on a sports bike then I think only the ZX-2R and CBR250RR fall in that category with 4-stroke LAMS bikes (maybe a 400cc VFR is in there too). Outside of that, they're not really a sports bike. The Ninja 250R looks as close as possible as it can to one (with the shape of the fairing) but the rest of it is more like the sports/tourer category.

    Whatever you end up getting, its a 250/LAMS and, regardless of how it looks, you'll probably be like most and look to step up to more cc/hp when you can. Get a bike you're happy with now and enjoy it while you have it. Oh, and make sure that if you can't 'upgrade' asap for whatever reason that you'll be happy with keeping it for longer.
  11. Your still keen on a Cibby, i can tell. I was like you to!
    Wanting a CBR....

    They look great, there a "sports" bike, handle really well but at the end of the day.....its JUST a 250, and a old one at that.

    I will definatly NOT buy another one because they are just expensive, and i was having a look through the LAM's list, There are a few 400's and 500's that look alright :D

    Although i have no idea how they go in compassion to a cbr250, anyone want to share?

    End of the day, ride what ever you can get a hold of. and Buy what ever YOU like. Not what anyone else says, we can only recommend and say what WE think.
    In the end, you decide what bike you want :)

    p.s everyone told me to get a zzr/vtr 250 for my first bike, but i still wanted my cbr and thats what i got :)
  12. vtr250.is. amazing.

    not just cos im selling one.