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New Learner Licenee

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tigress, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I heard about this forum and decided to join.

    Last weekend I went to sit for my learners and practise test and passed!

    I had a great day but 24 later I'm very nervous and anxious about the whole riding thing.

    The way the instructor showed us how to ride is different from how everyone else rides. For example he told us to use both front and back breaks then pull in the clutch and then down shift gears.

    Everyone I've spoken to has said to just pull in the clutch and down shift then throttle on.

    Very confusing as a newbie. I want to take more lessons but not sure where to go from here?

  2. tash, your next and most important step on your journey to learn to ride should be the weekend learner sesions what city do you live in?
  3. Welcome Tash

    First off if your nervous best thing is to not leave it too long before getting your bike.

    I personally do use both rear and front brake for braking most of the the time and also shift down the gears. Just find it smoother.

    Definitely look at going to learner practice, although I haven't everyone recommends them. I will get to a least one someday, never to late to learn.

    I also did the learner to licence down here in Vic with HART. Found it great as it was a small group of just 4 and we went out on the road with the instructor and took turns with leading with him behind. At each stop point he gave feedback and we changed places.
  4. Tash, Tahlia is from Geelong, have a talk to her you might be surprised, if you can get to melbourne, sat mornings we have prac sessions next to st kilda marina, just behind the BP Servo on beach rd Elwood.. Theres a thread for it, Doug N Dave are the guys with all the knowledge and everybody helps everybody.. Even if you drive down and talk and watch and ask, you can only benefit.. And as HB above mentioned, HART will be of benefit for you, look it as an investment into your safety !!
  5. Thank you so much everyone, I live 10 mins from HART somerton, so I will go there for sure.
    I heard about the group at St Kilda, ill try find the thread :) I really want to give it 110% but understand riding isn't for everyone. If I practice at the schools for now and then take it from there.
    In my test the only problem was gear shifting, I have good posture, balance and always look where I want to go, the coordination of the breaks, gears for changing was my only downfall. I could stop and go pretty well.

    Once again thank you all, ill be sure to let you know how I go :)
  6. tash. Aly lives out your way, she used to ride in her local streets to start off with till her confidence got better, we now meet sat morn at essendon dfo, dan murphys car park, we leavee there at 8:30am to head for the prac sessions, this is an early time as we meet other riders for brekky in st kilda, if you need questions answered, just ask.. people are here to help..
  7. Ring up HART and do a practise session with them. The Road Confidence: Learner to License course is a good one too. I did that before I went out on the road by myself.
  8. Sounds like you've never driven a manual, and that's what bikes are, manually geared vehicles, which can throw a curve ball at ya the first time. It's alright. This will pass in time.

    Do some one on ones with HART, most definitely. Also take the time to pootle around the safer back roads and streets, stopping starting turning often. You want these basic controls to be almost automatic before you hit proper traffic, that way you'll be able to put more of your mind on the tasks which keep you safe, as opposed to the task of steering the bike.

    There's a sticky about what new riders should do, check it out.

    Welcome to riding. :)
  9. Booked in for my practice session next week. I'm also going to attend the meets at BP Marina and have a look at what everyone else is doing, meet some friends and get some advice. The more I get involved the easier it will be for me, I know everyone is supportive and I appreciate that :)

    The other student also has problems will shifting gears and she drives a manual car everyday! I guess coordination is the key and as with everything, it takes time. Some people might be a little bit more than others.

    My main concern is safety and when i do get on the road eventually I want to be prepared. Nothing can really prepare you for idiot drivers.

    Thank you all once again! I really appreciate it. Everyone has been so helpful. This community forum is great!
  10. Tash your approaching this the right way, good for you as it's always better to be safe than sorry.

    Like all things really, getting better at the shifting and braking is a matter of practice. And no better place at gaining that than down at the Sat Morning sessions, where you will have access to very helpful and experienced riders.

    I'm not too far from Mill Park, when the time comes and if you need a ride buddy to get down to st kilda, I'd be happy to help. After all, it wasn't that long ago someone did the same for me.

    There is also a bunch of North Suburbians that meet up at Stuzzi in Northcote on Thursday nights for coffee and dinner. Feel free to drop in for a yak and some advice.

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  11. Thanks comrade!

    I'm nervous about the whole thing, but I guess that's just normal for someone who has never ridden before.

    Thank you for the offer, when I do get my bike, I don't think I would be game enough to ride on my own to St kilda or northcote lol(tram tracks!)

    But I will keep the offer in mind :)

    I'll be heading down to st kilda with my car just to meet people and talk and I might come down to Stuzzi one day too :)
  12. St kilda is a fairly easy ride if you go the freeways and you only cross two sets of tram lines. You never have to ride along them. I'll ride in with you too.
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  13. Thanks Aly!

    I never thought people would be so helpful :) Makes the experience less daunting

    Kind of makes me eager to get out there but I need to just take my time and keep practising :)
  14. Welcome to the world of riding Tash.... Looks like your pretty much under conrtol with your training through HART (y) .

    As for getting down to St.Kilda theres quite a few regulars coming from your end of town. I'm also a fairly regular .. along with Rusti_GotRage & Aly amongst about 4 -5 others. PM any of us to get in with a group ride down there.

    It's much easier with a person in front to help clear the way and someone behind to help buffer the traffic, leaving you to get on with the job at hand !:biker:
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  15. Hi Tash. Congrats on getting your L's!
    I'm not riding at the moment (Dr's orders), but I'm planning to be at practice this Saturday just to say G'day to everyone.
    Hope to meet you there :)
  16. hey Mez, good to see you on here, will be good to you at prac again, keep smiling :)
  17. Hey Tash - know exactly what you mean, when I started riding a bike I hadn't even driven a manual. I stalled that mother more than a politician on policies. The problem I had with being the lowest common denominator in the group (no previous riding experience or manual driving) was that assumptions will inevitably be made about your knowledge. Even by the thorough bods at HART.

    I was barely getting through a 1/2 hour ride without stalling (quite a milestone actually)in the early days when I encountered my first hill. I had no idea how to do a hill start.

    No one ever told me slowing and turning a corner in too a high gear is not the brightest of ideas and perhaps doing 400kms including the Reefton Spur 1 week after getting learners is asking a bit much.

    HART don't tell you these things and your mates will probably forget to - mine all did. And if you don't even know enough to know what questions to ask how do you learn? My friends had all forgotten what it was like to be a complete newbie because they've all been riding for 20 years. The only skill i started with was excellent roadcraft - due to riding a pushbike through the city and up St Kilda road for a few years.

    If only I had found Netrider when I'd first started. It's an incredibly helpful resource, use it to your best advantage. The Saturday learner sessions are fantastic and there's two lovely gentlemen down there you need to speak to :).

    And as for the gear changing - you will be very surprised at how quickly it becomes 2nd nature. Good luck :)
  18. Welcome to NR! (y)

    Saturday St Kilda Sessions are worth their weight in gold. Just show up with Cake and see the magic! :D
  19. ahhh cake!!!
    chocolate with walnut wasnt it Aly? lol
  20. Godwin, Are't you on a diet, my friend???? :D