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New learner, just picked up my FZR250. :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SuiCid3, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Proud new owner of an old FZR250 (3LN3) ex-trackie.

    Picked it up on Saturday with a little bit of fairing damage, mechanically seems to be in fairly good condition. There was a small leak that was sealed up, so for now there's no more leaks I can see.
    I was also told by the seller that I should change the air filter to get better fuel economy (he changed it for track use).. So I'm gonna have to hunt around for an original at the wreckers.

    I'm planning on replacing all oils and fluids within the next 2 weeks.. it'll be my first toy around with the bike, but hopefully nothing will go wrong!
    I may need some tips from the more experienced people here though.

    So I picked it up Saturday afternoon after a bit of run around with the RTA and insurance companies, but was able to finalise rego before the close of the motor registry so I was happy.
    Went to pickup the bike from Gladesville (I live out near Warragamba). I practised riding on the road for about 1.5 hours (first proper ride on the road!) then thought... screw it, time to dive in the deep end and ride home.

    The thing with this bike is that it needs to be revved fairly hard, especially when coming to a stop otherwise it'll flood (anyone know why?). So stalling was fairly common during my 1.5 hour ride around the back streets of Gladesville.
    Fortunately on the way back home I didn't stall too many times. The surprising thing was that I didn't get too freaked out with the amount of cars around me (was fairly busy), but I did have my gf sitting in a cage behind me for most of the ride back.

    The best thing that happened on the way back (apart from not stacking it ) was a dude on a blue R6 that I noticed come up behind me sometime around Chullora and stuck behind me until Bankstown.
    I was able to have a chat with him at some of the lights and he was able to give me a few tips. I'm glad I got to thank him before we parted ways!
    Whoever you are, thanks mate! You're a champ!
  2. Congrats on ur purchase, sounds like you've had a lot of fun!

    I've still got a long way to go in terms of getting all my gear and finding the right bike at the same time. Hopefully I'll be able to experience the joy of riding in the near future :cool:
  3. Awesome Dave!! your lucky to be riding already ! :LOL: :LOL:
  4. [​IMG] SuiCid3

    Ride safe now :wink:
  5. .. and ten points to the nice man on the R6, too :).
  6. Welcome, and how awesome is the rider mentality! Always there to lend a hand :) Oh, and nice choice of name.. :shock:
  7. :LOL: Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    Oh.. and take no notice of the nickname... it's just something that's stuck during my gaming days. :p

    I ride rather timidly actually.. which is good, as I've just discovered my body is not very co-operative in long sweeping left handers and tend to run wide very early. :oops:

    I'm getting the bike serviced tomorrow, hopefully there's nothing too bad with it.
  8. Welcome dude, look forward to seeing u on a ride.