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new learner in the ranks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tomm, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. I just recieved my membership in the mail today so I figured that I should actually sign up and post a bit.

    Anyway, I'm Tom, 19, and just finished my first year of uni at QUT. I've been lurking here since back in high school and finally realised a chance to save up enough to get a bike these holidays. There's been a few hiccoughs but the budget is generally working out and I should be set before uni starts up again.

    I've had an unlucky streak with bike hunting, just missing out on some great deals (a guy called just before me, '01 gpx250 37k $2800). After missing out on a few you really just want to buy anything as long as you can get on two wheels but I'm holding out for the next good deal. Just getting my debit card is soothing the must-buy-bike-now-syndrome cause now i can go hunting for gear online (got my eye on a very nice teknic perf leather jacket, just gotta pick a colour- black's sold out!).

    Ah that got a bit long winded so uh.. hope to see you guys out on the road, and if you've got a 250 you need to let go please feel free to let me know. Cheers
  2. Welcome Tomm, and don't worry about being long-winded, that's the default setting round here :LOL:.

    I hope you get your dream machine soon, up there you should be able to ride all year round...

    Enjoy :)
  3. Welcome!

    Another ex250 member, yay :D
  4. g'day tomm.. welcome to netrider and the world of riding :) i iwsh i was selling my 250 now... but nto in position to upgrade yet so gonna hold on to my girl for a while :D good luck with the search.. is plentya round if you look in the online sited... i do alot :p mainly dreaming of the next bike he he... check out bikepoint and teammoto.... they are the ones i check most.. and of course keep your eyes on the classifieds section here!!! lots of people always selling a bike :)
  5. Hi Tom,
    Hanging out for that great deal may drag on for a while but it'll be worth it. You don't wanna get stuck with a dunga :p
    Can vouch for the Teknic gear quality. I recently got a pair of Teknic Kevlar jeans and they are ace.
  6. Welcome Tomm!!! :p
  7. Welcome Tomm. The right bike will come along, and it will all have been worthwhile.
  8. Welcome to the forums Tomm.

    All good things come to those that wait (don't ask how long though :LOL: ).

    You will find a bike at the right price by being patient. Good luck with your search. :)
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I'll be sure to keep you posted : )
  10. Ya, welcome and enjoy :grin:
  11. Well that was quick :grin:

    Had a look at this today:

    He's taking it to a mechanic for safety cert (was waiting for interested buyer first) and I'll have a chat to the mechanic to see what he thought. If everything is in order we agreed on $3500- i consider it a fair price. Everything looks great, very good condition (two very very small scratches due to people scratching it at bike parking in the city).

    Also had a little splurge at team moto and put a deposit on an arai lid, teknic jacket (i realised i wasnt happy without the black) and some traffic worn draggins.

    Got a little while to go yet but it's looking great :)
    ..and getting expensive :p
  12. Welcome Tomm!
    Make sure u get yourself some breathable gear, heat stroke aint fun when it kicks in, particulary when your wearin a helmet.
    Air flow is essential second none only to the protection of your skin n bones.
  13. Got the bike today!

    Thanks, the jacket i put a deposit on is perforated and it's good to stress the importance on hydration- doubly so on the bike.
  14. yay tomm!!!! have you taken her for a ride yet??? which arai lid did ya go for?? i've got a condor... love it... fits my head very nicely :)
  15. Welcome Tom. All the best for your bike hunting :)
  16. Welcome Tomm, enjoy :grin:
  17. Just an update

    Hey guys, I booked a day of Qride last night and did it today. I guess I didn't scare them because I got my licence after just one day instead of two and a half :p I enjoyed it though and didn't even find the friday peak-hour stint worrying- probably riding my pushie on the road a lot had a bit to do about it.

    Definately see lots more carpark manouvers. Lotsa learning to come, just waiting on my helmet to get in stock (arai condor). The bandit is aching to be ridden :grin: