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New learner in northern suburbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wokwon, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Hi All,
    Been lurking here for a while as I saved up money for a bike but the 2004 VTR250 was delivered on the weekend and I had the best weekend ever.

    Bolted the huge stupid L plate on and did about 150km around the new estates in North Epping and B roads around Wollert.

    I haven't ridden since I was in my early teens on dirt bikes. After reading the near misses forum I was expecting everyone on the road to try and kill me but car drivers were really nice and didn't tailgate at all.

    I also got my first nod from another rider which was awesome.

    See you on the roads.

    (No pics as my camera is in being fixed after I got it wet on a 4WD course).
  2. Nothing better than that big smile

  3. Welcome wokwon and no feeling comes close to the first time riding on the roads and the joy it brings.
  4. Welcome mate! Make sure you come along to some of the rides (especially Wednesday's :) )
  5. Hi and welcome to NR
  6. Welcome wok1. I lived there not long ago, try to avoid Bridge Inn Rd past the school as there are quite a few drivers who think that is their drag strip.
  7. Welcome Wokwon. There are a few Northern Riders around.
  8. Welcome to Netrider mate. Happy, safe riding :)
  9. see you around! Welcome!
  10. welcome to the Nuthouse.....enjoy!
  11. I went past there on Sunday at about 4PM but thanks for the warning, I'll avoid it during the normal hoon hours.
  12. Welcome, enjoy your stay
  13. Welcome brother Wokwon!

  14. Had my first ride in the rain on the weekend. I don't have waterproof pants yet so got a bit damp. It sure is an odd feeling and the rain at 80k's has quite a bit of power. Was good fun.

  15. Welcome Wokwon.

    I used to live in Carlingford and used to be a Wednesday night local of Epping Hotel during my uni days.

    Rain riding feels a bit like little needles :), I love the feeling.
  16. Went on the freeway for the first time tonight. Was just the Hume Bypass southbound between Craigeburn road and the ring road. Bike felt pretty well planted although it was singing at 7000RPM to make 100k's. Took a while to get up to 100 too (after 80 bike doesn't have that much go left in 4th, I should probably have tried 3rd instead).

    100 doesn't feel much faster than 80 so I feel Ok with that although freeways are boring.

    Also practiced my psuedo-emergency stops and tried to get that 'feather clutch ride rear brake' thing happening without much success. I've got to get past my 'grab brakes' reflex and go for the gentle but firm approach.

    Fortunatley I seem to have stopped staring at bumps and holes in the road so I don't hit them any more.
  17. Did a few hundred k's over the break in the hills near Arthur's creek.

    Corners are coming a bit easier although I'm still too timid and slow in. Some occasional target fixation but that's getting less frequent. I found that if I lean forward/down a bit in corners then it's much easier to lean with the bike and go around.

    I keep finding myself having a death grip on the throttle which makes my hands sore.

    I didn't believe people who said I'd get bored of the VTR250 so soon but there are some hills that this bike struggles to maintain 100 up. It's kind of embarrassing to have a grandma in an jazz keeping up on a hill.

    I rode to work (CBD) once already and will continue to do so on casual Fridays (except this Friday as it's supposed to thunderstorm).
  18. Good to hear you are developing along Wokwon. Have you been on any of the Sunday Learners rides yet? The last couple have started in the Northern Suburbs.
  19. No mate, the timing has been bad so far but I'm keeping an eye on them.
  20. That is a good ride for learners to attend on.

    Wokwon if you can't do weekends and want a shorter evening weekday ride the [VIC] Monday's Level 1-3 Ride Nth Melbourne would be ideal. Last nights ride was a nice easy route at an easy going pace. If you want help getting to the meet point post in the thread and someone will be willing to meet you so you can follow them to the meet location.