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New learner - hopefully :p

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by disk_1, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Haven't logged into this site in ages. So I thought I would drop in an introduce myself again before I go for my learners.

    Thomas is my name. 20 year old student and still living at home with the parents :( . Sorry girls :p

    I have my 2 day learner course booked for this weekend. Got a bit of riding experience under my belt so I will prolly find it a little tedious and boring but oh well. I havn't got any on road experience so I thought I better do the 2 day course.

    I have my heart set on an Aprilia RS250 because it a 2 stroke and I have passion for them. It is also seemed to be a good size when I was checking them out. Im about 6 foot 2 inches so I cant stand the CBR250RRRRRRR

    Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope to get to know a few of you soon.

    Wish me luck,
  2. Good luck Thomas, everyone says how daunting the whole thing is, and then how easy it was afterwards!! Hoepfully you'll find it the same!

    As for living at home with your parents, in MY day you did that till you left to set up your new home with your wife.....
  3. G'day thomas, they are nice bikes
  4. Hi Thomas,

    Good luck with your Ls. Who are you doing them through?
  5. Good luck with ur Ls. Then get a rs250 and come smoke with me.!!
  6. Wow.. quick responses

    Thanks for the well wishes

    Rosie V7... I am doing it through stay upright. I only had some short notice on having a free weekend and they were the only place available.

    What do u guys reckon.. Are they ok?

  7. Welcome Tom,
    have only heard good things about stay upright. I went with HART myself so can't really give you 1st hand info. But good luck with your L's.
  8. Aren't RS250's non-learner legal? Or is that only NSW?
  9. Nope, rule in Victoria is anything below 260cc is Learner legal, even 2 strokes....
  10. Yea. The RS250 is learner legal. I have ridden a RS250 and RS125 before. Got a bit of bike experience but basically none on the road. Hence my decision for the 2 day course.

    I'm so excited.

    Good to know Stay Upright is a decent reputation.

  11. Did the first day of my two day course today. It went great. Passed the threory test fine. Just got the practical test tomorrow.

    It was a bit boring today and not very challenging.

    The guy and stay upright was pretty cool.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys out on the road,
  12. I am now officially a temporary australian :p

    I got my learners. Should hopefully have a fun and safe time.

    Now just gotta get a bike and gear

  13. I'm having a crack at the stay upright course tomorow and tuesday! been counting down the days for the last few weeks..
    fingers crossed!
  14. Well done Tom.

    The real lessons start NOW!