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New Learner from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by deeedeee, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Ver excited to have just passed!

  2. *high five*
  3. Awesome! Well done and welcome.
  4. Awesome job, congratulations on the pass, time to be a hoon? :)
  5. Welcome, congrats on the pass, time to go for a ride. Also tell us more about yourself and what you ride. Pics too if you have them.
  6. Welcome to NR, yep more info please(y)
  7. welcome congrats and are you hot?
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  8. Not much info there, I assume this has nothing to do with your bowels, but refers to something more akin to a motorcycling achievement.
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  9. That didn't take long.

    Well done fellas.

    @OP - they are harmless.......mostly....

    Mcsenna is usually closely followed by 87crisis......then you may need to worry.
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  10. congrats:)
  11. busy today ol' chaps - you have covered all that matters.
  12. you took too long so i felt i had to do your job for you. :p
  13. A job well done newbie, so well done it would appear that deeedeeedeee herself, has .................. errrr, passed.
  14. Anything other than welcome and congratulations seems superfluous..