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New Learner from Newy!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Reggy, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    New member here.. Just a bit about myself.


    Only recently got my bike L's as I'm looking to commute to work and the occasional weekend cruise with friends.

    I don't have much past experience riding bikes. A few dirt bikes when I was younger and more recently quads on the farm and scooters in Bali and Gold Coast.

    I'm still deciding what bike to get as my first bike. So many decisions!
    But I am looking at naked. Not sure if used or new...

    Will be posting on here to get people's opinions and advice on bikes and gear etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you all
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  2. G'day, welcome aboard.
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Howdy ReggyReggy and welcome to NR. Congratulations on getting your L's and good luck with choosing your ride. Exciting times ahead!

    This forum is terrific source of info and is very learner-friendly (speaking from experience :)), use search function and you'll fine lots of your questions have been asked before, so you'll be able to find advice on choosing your bike, gear, or anything else you might need help with.
  5. Thanks for that Fr33dm!
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  6. G'day Reggy, welcome to NR. I'm sure you'll find as many different bike suggestions as you can handle and there's plenty of LAMS bikes to choose from as you probably already know.
  7. Hey & welcome, fellow Newcastle rider here. Usually out & about on an orange Ninja 300 or white 675R :sneaky: . Hope to see you out there when you get a ride sorted out -- as has already been said, this forum has a stack of info for new riders.
  8. Welcome to NR. Quite a few Novocastrians on here.
    Lots of good tips to be found on NR .
    Good luck with the bike buying.

    That's a first -We have to put our weight down as well now...sheesh I 'm outta here :woot:
  9. Always good to have more bikes in the hunter!
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  10. Someone needs to organise a newy ride. There's enough people on here for it.

    Welcome Reggy.
  11. I'd be up for it if not working.
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  12. Hahah just thought it would be handy info when I'm asking advice on bikes
  13. And sometimes it is. :happy: Height is another biggie when it comes to bike fit ReggyReggy . Any closer to deciding on your future ride? Naked is a good start.

    And of course, welcome to NR.
  14. Yeah I was really keen on the Kawa z300 but I went into Newcastle Kawasaki yesterday and they don't have any said the only way they can get one is if I put a deposit down on one. I'm not going to do that on a bike I havnt been able to ride let alone sit on.

    Had a feel of the ninja 300 and went around the corner to Honda and sat on the cbr300 and the cb300f. Cbr is currently at $5990 ride away and the cb is $6500ish ride away.

    Not too sure on what I want yet.
    I did see that Yamaha have a new lams bike coming out, the yzf-r3. Looks pretty good.

    heres a link for Ya all. Thoughts?
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  15. Huh! Isn't that interesting.....I sat on this bike at the Camping Show in Melbourne last weekend. I really liked the riding position, could almost reach the ground (I'm short) and was really impressed over all by the finish and feel of the bike. Shame I couldn't take it for a test ride to give you more information. :D

    I'd just gotten off the MT07 which I couldn't even begin to consider because of the height and it felt super top heavy even just lifting it off the stand.
  16. Also, there's a current thread on the bike here


    Not much information yet, but it seems the boys are on it so may be worth watching the thread.

    My son has a CB300 and loves it. Roughly same weight as you and about 6 foot. I have commented that he looks a little too big for this bike though, but he doesn't care. He rides rain, hail or shine, day or night.

    Sigh....decisions decisions.
  17. Welcome ReggyReggy shopping for a new bike is heaps of fun :)

    Set your price then make a list :)

    GoldenberriGoldenberri maybe it's my time in the gym but I was sitting on a MT-07 last weekend and I couldn't believe how light it was! I am exactly 6' and 105kg, that may have something to do with it. lol :) I am riding it this weekend while my brother is trying out the MT-09. I have not read a single bad review. That and all the very positive reviews from owners on NR.

    The YZF-R3 is going to be $6,999 ride away so $3,000 less than the MT-07. Of course two very different bikes.
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  18. Ahh Q3ArenaQ3Arena to be 6 foot tall. It's height that makes the difference and what made it hard for me to haul off the stand. I'm 5'1".
  19. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  20. GoldenberriGoldenberri that would be a pain for some things I imagine. I was at a concert not long back and I could see straight through to the stage with nothing obscured. I turned around to see how many people had turned up and there were two girls behind me that would have been 5' nothing I reckon. I said please stand in front of me and they said are you sure!! I said you will make zero difference to my view! I bent down to see what they could see and it was backs and more backs!! lol :)

    It happens at supermarkets as well. Those shelves are stupidly high sometimes. I've seen people start to use the bottom shelf as a step. I always say that might not end well can I help you get something :)

    I see what you mean if you were on the tips of your toes bikes like the MT-07 (805mm seat height)and MT-09 (815mm seat height) would be scary.

    The Kawasaki Vulcan S, if you liked cruisers, at 705mm seat height would fit really well I would imagine. It has 3 different handlebar and foot peg positions.

    Back on topic ReggyReggy I sat on a R1 Yamaha on Saturday an it was so uncomfortable (for a middle aged person!) then I sat on the R15 and although it is meant to be a "Super Sport" the "clip-ons" are actually fairly high that is above the triple clamp like a Kawasaki Ninja. The R3 is the same. June 13 is there official release date and Yamaha dealers are having a test ride day so maybe a good opportunity to try it out.
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