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New learner down :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, May 31, 2006.

  1. Johnston st in Clifton Hill

    Not sure if he's a netrider or not seeing as i couldn't speak directly to him,
    Ambo's and doc working on him.

    His name is Scott Smith from Kew (vic)
    Black Virago 250 reg ...DD 402 only had his bike a week :-(

    From the info i got from the attending police, a cage turned in front of him and he hit the F/Left qtr panel and went over the bonnet.
    All low speed stuff *approx 40kph is the theory*
    BUT he landed heavy on the Bluestone gutter and the attending Doctor ( a few cars behind and saw it all ) recons he has a broken pelvis and or hip joint. ( to be comfirmed at hosp )

    I've given the police my card and there going to let me know asap if he needs his bike picked up or not once they speak to him later today.
    They where in the process of contacting his wife as i left to resume my trip to work.
  2. Good work Bob. Bloody lucky the doctor was there eh?? Same thing happened to me when I had my crash, the guy two cars behind was an Ambo on his way to work. Came straight to my aid, then came and saw me in hospital later on.

    Well I hope young Scott is alright, and the cager get what he or she deserves...
  3. Fuggin hell! When will people bloody well learn to give way?!?! Is it that hard? Or people just cant be bothered moving their foot from the accel to the brake?

    Hope he does alright. Happy thoughts.
  4. Anyone know how long a fractured pelvis taakes to heal?
    Well done Bob!
  5.  Top
  6. 3-9 months depending on the severity
    thanks undii.
  7. Another well done Bob.
  8. oh best wishes to Scott. I hope his recovery is speedy. I know exactly how he feels.. only had his bike a week.. me too when i crashed. It sucks!
  9. Again - Good work Bob.

    My best wishes for speedy recovery to the fallen rider.

  10. Bob, Your a good bloke
  11. ouch... sorry to hear about the lads drop, but well done for stopping to help bob!
  12. Nice work Bob!!

    Hope he's alright, and the injuries aren't as bad as first thought :?
    That would suck having to miss up to 9 months after just getting on the bike :eek:

    If he's not already a netrider, get him on here coz the nut house will give him some amusement until he's able to get back on the bike :wink:
  13. Bad luck Scott,

    well done Bob
  14. Yeah, it can make a huge difference. When I had my big 'off' in 2002, two nurses just off shift were a couple of cars away, and a doctor arrived in a couple of minutes from his surgery about half a block away. A broken pelvis is a bugger, best wishes to the the guy, and I hope the driver gets busted for something.
  15. Bad luck Scott, well done Bob.
  16. Well i just rang the police officer that attended this morns fun :?
    and as much as he sympasises with me in wanting to know what Scotts outcome is, as im not a relative he cant give out any more information to me.

    He did say he passed on my work business card and told Scott about my offer to move his bike around the corner to my factory if he so wished for safe keeping, So i guess i'll have to wait untill ( if ) he gets in contact with me. :)