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New Learner - Brisbane North

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Epic_Fail, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I am new to the world of bikes and in the process of getting my licence. Hope to have my Q-ride course done by the end of the month and from there purchasing my new bike and gear.

    Taking up motorcycling as a cheaper more efficient way to commute to work and I have also been intrigued with the idea of riding - just seems like too much fun to pass up!

    So far I have been doing plenty of research and found lots of great stuff on here in particular that has made the whole experience a lot less overwhelming.

    Not sure what I will get yet but looking at a CBR or Ninja 300.
    Thankfully I have a fair idea on what gear I will get.

    I am sure I will meet some of you out on the road at some point soon :)
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  2. Welcome :cool:

    The Ninja is a good bike, my wifey rides one, she was also undecided on the ninja or CBR. If you've not done it yet, go sit on each and see which one feels more comfortable.
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  3. Hi. Welcome. Have fun in here. It's a rabbit warren of goodness!
  4. Welcome aboard. You should change your username though... How about Epic_SafeRider :p
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  5. Welcome to NR and two wheels
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome and happy shopping, exciting times
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  8. Well I made it this far!

    I had a 2 hour lesson (1 on 1) last week and my instructor recommended I book in for my Qride straight away.

    So here I am, Qride is first thing tomorrow morning and the last week has seen me tortured with impatience and excitement! Hopefully by lunch time tomorrow I will be able to report back that I passed!

    Now to try and get to sleep with all this pent up nervous and excited energy!
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  9. Good luck mate. Main thing is to relax then the rest becomes a lot easier. Oh, and have fun!
  10. Thanks mate!

    Having fun is the easy part ;)

    I think I will be all good once I get on the bike. Took me 30mins (no real previous experience) to get the hang of it. I just want to get on the bike already! :D
  11. I got my licence beginning of November and have done over 12,000km since so know what you mean
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  12. Success! Going down to TMR on Monday to get the licence updated and from there its shopping time!:D
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  13. Congrats! Welcome to a life of addiction to two wheels!
  14. Congrats mate. Next find a bike and some folk to ride with
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  15. Welcome to NR...

    Have fun bike and gear shopping..
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  16. New bike has been decided!

    Picked up a 2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 for a pretty reasonable price.
    just gotta sort the gear and will hopefully be able to pick it up Tuesday.

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  17. great looking bike mate
  18. Just throwing it out there. If anyone wants a riding buddy for the commute to work just throw me a PM. I ride from Narangba at 7 usually and head in to the outer CBD area.