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New learner Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Enrgkid, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Recently my old zzr250 has popped a Spark plug, now you guys probably get sick of these threads so I thought I'd try something, I have a $5000 budget for this bike, I don't mind Faired, Unfaired, etc. But must be Learner legal.

    So I putting it to you this way, which LAMS bike would you buy on this budget(new or second hand) and which one would you avoid, Appreciate some reasoning if you could. I though this might be a new way of posing this question.


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    Ninja 300 mate, they start at 5k. Similar ride to your zzr. Great bike but I would buy a restricted 650 and de restrict it on the sly. Gv650 or gt650 etc
  3. It's probably a good idea to post your height and weight.
  4. Sorry im 5'9 and 95kg. But I want to know what you guys would get
  5. If your 95kgs your going to need a 650 then. I'd go hyosung gt650 comet
  6. Ninja 300 :) Do you want to try mine?

  7. My zzr is a 250 and it handles me fine, actually great, I would love to get a ninja 300 but they are stretching the budget. in all honesty 5000 or just under would be perfect!
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  8. GS500. And take the $2,000 you saved and put towards the next bike.
  9. could be lucky and find a CB400 for that. Mine went for that.

    GS500 would be great too.
  10. The cop across the road has a GS500, now I wouldn't mind one of those is I could get a GS500F that would be great!
  11. I have a short list pretty sure ot lists all lams bikes haha in no particular order

    10-12 Cbr250r
    09 ninja(trying to avoid this. I love ninjas but I feel like its time to ride something other than a kawasaki)
    Or a hysosung gt250r or 650r. (Heard bad things anyone confirm or deny)
  12. zxr250 - will feel like a different breed of bike compared to what your used to.

    not saying you SHOULD get it...they are stupidly old bikes...but it's an option that would be well within your budget and perhaps you should go check one out

    - for the record i went from a gpx250 to zzr250 to zxr250....see a theme here?
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  13. Going off the idea of the Ninja 300, are they good for those with long legs? I've heard that it isn't the rider height that's the issue, it's how long your legs are.
  14. I'm 5'9" and have long legs...I have no drama :) (y)
  15. What is the bike being used for (weekend blasts, commuting, track days, etc.)

    How many km's p/ year do you plan on doing?
  16. not real;y sure on kms but in the 3 months since i got my bike I have put 4000km on it. I am commuting but also love weekend blasts!
  17. As you have experience and are 5'9", GS500f would be great. The bike a little heavier, but you'll have both feet down at lights, something I don't do at 5'6". Great bike, particularly running around 4,000rpm. Does 100 kmh at 5,000 rpm and bullet proof. Forget derestricting crap as the market totally opens up when off restrictions. The 20 tank has huge range, I get 3.5l / 100km. You'll have change. I would let you check out mine but I'm in Mexico! Good luck!
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  18. The Hyosung is a full sized bike, check out the 650 sports bike.
  19. I have a zxr250 for sale at moment, asking $3k. Let me know if you want to come check it out. Leaves you plenty of change.
  20. what year model? I'm looking at a 2012 cbr250 tomorrow for 4,200 and an 08 ninja with yoshi exhaust for 3,800