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New Learner Approved Ducati 659 due pre-June

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by catch-22, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Will fall into the LAMS category and should cost under $13k new. Will look like the 696. Ducati importers have approved it and orders are being taken.

    I don't have specs but I would expect them to be released soon. I would assume they can be derestricted but why would you? LAMS bike cost a few grand more than what they should..

  2. For that very reason. You could go a k or two over market price for an unrestricted learner legal bike.
  3. Some people will get attached to their bikes and want to keep them I guess... And while I would like for restricted LAMS bikes to be cheaper, it costs the same, if not more to make them compared to the normal bikes, so where is the saving going to come from? Tax break? Dream on.
  4. There's an ad for this in the latest version of Motorcycle Trader, anyone got a link to a pic?

    Or will it just be a LAMS approved Monster?
  5. Googled but could not find any information on this. It would be great to see some pics and specifications.

    I wanted a Ducati 696 so much but could not get one as I am on Lams. This would sell well assuming that it is not severely restricted.

    It would definitely bring down the price of the Ducati 620 which some are asking for astronomical prices just because these are Lams compliant.
  6. The ads i've seen in MC trader and 2wheels have been pics of a bike under a cloth cover. I think it's going to be an "event" type reveal...
  7. Sounds like a good idea in squeezing in every last cc to stay Learner approved.

    If they've gone to the trouble of altering the engine capacity, it might not even be restricted as such. An air-cooled 2-valve 660 twin in a mild state of tune with lots of torque to stay under the power-to-weight limit would be nicely grunty and economical. Smaller throttle bodies to suit would help too, and fuelling should be sweet.

    Should be well specced for the price too.

    It might well be just a cam swap/regrind away from being livened up at a later date. Cheeky buggers might even offer a kit. Unless the Plod have a portable dyno, how could they tell you've got slightly different cam lobes?
  8. Word from Ducati City is that it will not be mechanically restricted like the 620 monsters (which means no bending the restrictor out of the way), and that there will be a range of Ducati Performance parts to "liven it up" available off the shelf. But with a
    Termignoni full exhaust kit (including ECU to suit) costing close to $3k for other Ducatis I wouldn't expect too many to bother.

    It has also been designed specifically for the Australian learner market (so I'm told). Nice to see Ducati giving our little corner of the world so much importance. :)
  9. hmmm cant wait to see what it looks like, currently on a LAMS Ducati 400ss myself. Love the bike to death, will keep it even when i upgrade after I finish my probationary time.
  10. Will be interesting to see it. The old carbied M600 Monsters sat just a kilowatt under the LAMS power/weight limit, which along with their terrific exhaust note seems to be keeping the asking price notably high for bikes that's are over a decade old now.
  11. There was a sign at Fraser today saying mid May for the 659.