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QLD New Laws For Turning Left At Red Light

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Samboss260, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. So what are people's thoughts on this new law that is being trialled in Qld?

    Personally, I don't like the thought of people going through what may appear to be red lights, when I am going through a green one.

    I know that many other states and countries have this rule, still don't like it being on a bike though.....
  2. Damn, I wish they'd bring that law to NSW for EVERY intersection. Currently in NSW you are allowed to turn left at a red light but only if it is signposted as such.
  3. There's a new law?
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  5. Ah. Was wondering how I'd missed something about being able to turn left at any red light (though I've certainly turned right through red arrows with faulty sensors plenty of times).

    Can't see a problem with the idea - only with dickhead drivers not bothering to look before going through the red (like they already do with give way and stop signs).
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  6. It works a treat in the States. I like the idea, keeps some traffic flowing along. I'd prefer to see it at every intersection apart from those that are sign posted, not the other way around.
  7. Can't believe that people are opposing this in the comments. We biatch and moan all the time about how silly it is that rules are written for the lowest common denominator, and then complain when a rule is trialled which puts the onus on the driver to look.

    Not talking about here, but about the comments on the linked news article. And the RACQ can go sit on a pineapple, why should we let people on the roads if the only way they'll know it's safe to turn is if the green light says they can?

    How about Give Way and Stop intersections, however will those work without something to let drivers know when they can turn??:nailbiting:

    The only negative being brought up is that it will "increase the risk of crashes," this is only true if people are complete numpties. If they are complete numpties they shouldn't be on the road.

    *Sorry for the huge rant, as far as I can tell this just turns a red light into a stop sign for traffic turning left, and we all can deal with stop signs, can't we?
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  8. Just read the article. It's the same as we have at some intersections in NSW.

    Personally I think it should be at ALL intersections.
  9. Very true. You see a similar attitude of trying to shift the blame from the stupidity/incompetence of drivers everytime there's a collision at a railway crossing (even worse when it's the result of a car driving around a closed boom gate).

    I like the idea of replacing airbags with a loaded shotgun pointed at the driver's head. Should make people pay much more attention to what they're doing.
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  10. Yup. Works perfectly in Ontario too. I regularly say to the missus that I wish they'd bring it in.
  11. Stealing this.
  12. It's a great idea for improving traffic flow and eliminating sitting like a numpty at an intersection for absolutely no reason other than "the big red light says so."

    On the flip side, it has some potential for extra smidsyfication, so additional vigilance is needed. That might be a good thing in some ways since complacency at green lights is [strike]probably[/strike] a bad habit.
  13. On one of those 'cop chase' shows from the UK I saw a while ago, one of the cops suggested something similar, but instead of a shot gun he suggested a metal spike.
  14. We've had this in SA for quite awhile but I am as yet to see the sign at no more than a half a dozen intersections and then only for side streets facing a Red light. Meanwhile cars waiting to turn left into a side street have to wait for a green light.

    It's an extension of the "turn left anytime with care" at our slip lanes.
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    I remember being told by my driving instructor when i learnt to drive a car that we previously had left turn on red at most/all intersections, however they decided to switch to sign posted ones only after a number of incidents.

    My driving instructor may have been wrong, im sure someone who has been around for a while will be able to clarify this, it was before my time at least.

    I might also add in sydney i find loads of drivers dont notice when they can left turn on red and sit at the red light with a blinker on and no cars coming...until i get on the horn.
  16. Lol! I've read somewhere a similar funny comment - everyone should be entitled to commit ONE legal murder in their life. Just sit back and watch how the people become sooo nice to each other overnight ;)
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  17. this - this shits me to tears - i learnt very early on that you'd have to make a choice as to what steps you will take in regards to either breaking the law or going alternate directions/waiting for a car to come behind me and trip the sensor.

    i'll play it by ear/how ballsy i feel like being that day - still - shame the government leaves us with very few options as to how one can handle it.
  18. I found a few of the signs in Sydney were behind the point where the car stops, I've missed them before cause I wasn't looking for them approaching the line