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New Laws for Motorcycles (proposed)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. 1 Licences removed for riders without motorbikes
    2 retesting for older motorcyclists who havnt completed MOST courses
    3 Number plates on front of bikes (so front facing cameras can fine you)
    4 P plates for 3 years restricted to LAMS
    5 Fluro vests for all bike riders (fines for not wearing one)
    6 confiscation of motorbikes (stoppies,burnout,excess speed,wheelies)
    7 Exhaust Labels for noise reduction (fines/defect without sticker rating)
    8 Increased fines and demerits for lane splitting
    9 increase Registration costs for motorcycles (tax them off the road)
    10 Headlights on at all times for all bikes

    Someone stop the madness

  2. What's the source of the info?
  4. Hmmm - they sound a little draconian.

    What state is this for (assuming NSW as Tomcaltex is from there) or is it a national thing?
    What is the source so we can assess wether it is merely a discussion or an announcement?


  5. these are cutouts from various official sources (not my words)

    proposed Rule 151A (anti-lane-splitting) from the Road Rules Amendment package to be presented to ATC in June.

    It has been proposed that adding front numberplates to motorcycles will reduce motorcyle fatalities.

    the Dept of Environment and Conservation will introduced a retrospective law demanding that aftermarket replacement motorcycle exhausts be specially labelled and then authorised the Police to issue fines of $200 to riders who didn't have this label Guy Stanford, Chairman of the MCC of NSW said “I'd like to thank the persistence and skill of the Noise Committee, particularly Chris Coote and Chris Turner. We still have to resolve the issue of margin for error in roadside exhaust tests and the Noise Committee is well up to the task

    dormant license holders: i.e. those with a current license but do not ride, would be enticed to cancel their motorcycle license and removed from the database, Dormant motorcycle license holders pose a problem if they only ride very occasionally. Their skill levels and abilities are questionable.

  6. I think, other than the front number plate, most of it is old news.

    Exhaust sticker legislation has been withdraw and the lane splitting crackdown went away.

    Headlights have been hard wired on since the early 90s

    all vehicles can be done under the hoon laws now, so bikes will be a prime target.
  7. Can I lane split? whats the fine?
    Do I need to have my headlights on, an older model thats not hard wired?
    Whats with the exhaust pipe, i got a custom 2 in 1, no sticker, dont know the DB, can i get fined?
  8. Depends on what state your in, how you do it, and the mood of the nice police person at the time.

    No if it is possible [ without modifying original spec's ] to turn your off your lights you can, But why would you want too ?

    You can get pulled over and if requested you must get the exhaust DB checked, if it is too loud then yes you can get fined and your bike will have a defect sticker etc attached.
  9. You forgot the RFID chips to monitor your travels and behaviour!
  10. would this point be one to maybe discourage people from stopping even more???

    maybe they'll bring the news choppers into it like in the US of crazy A :popcorn:
  11. Haven't heard about that one. Are they going to do the same to older drivers who got their licence by driving up the street and back with the local copper in the car?
  12. ^^^ Draconian, thats it - I am running for office,

    Vote 1 Shant
  13. soon were going to be saying 'transmission' before we talk and have to walk in queues on footpaths... sure looks like it anyway
  14. WTF is that supposed to achieve?

    Oh no, that offends my fashion senses. Why don't we make it mandatory for all pedestrians to wear vests while crossing the road too??

    I'm gonna find the person/group that thought this up and paint all their BMWs, Mercedes and Audis fluro with reflective stripes so other road users can see them coming cos they are obviously mental defectives when it comes to looking where they are driving.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  15. probably got to do with the oil business. There must be a licence reserved for every registered citizen prior to it being activated by the holder, so any unlicenced rider caught riding will be excluded from attaining their (motorcycle hopefully) licence in the future... Thats what it sounds like anyway
  16. ...but if they were riding unlicensed then they obviously didn't give a **** anyway.

    Its like if someone rides trains without buying a ticket and telling them you're never going to let them buy a ticket. Some punishment. Really. There aint enough officers to stop them doing it again.
  17. Yeah but you dont have to go through screening before getting a train ticket.

    Get back in line joe, or were gona drain the life out of u one way or the other
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.