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New Lams Bike Purchase Around 600CC - 650CC

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Brissy_Rider, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just about to purchase my first bike after not riding for approx 12 years.

    I'm in the market for a 600cc to 650cc LAMS sports motorcycle and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

    I commute daily and it's only a short distance (20km a day round trip) I used to love a good weekend ride so would prefer a fully faired bike, or at least a small fairing with a pillion option.

    The budget is $10,000 to $12,000 and I would be buying new and keeping it for a few years.

    I'm a reasonably tall guy (6'1" and 105kgs) so would like something that isn't too cramped.

    At the moment my personal choice has been narrowed down to either the Yamaha FZ6R or the Kawasaki Ninja 650RL. So I would appreciate some opinions on these bikes, and any others you may recommend that I should take a look at.

    Thanks heaps all :)

    Damo aka Brissy_Rider
  2. GSX650F and SV650S both come in a LAMS version.

    There is the hyosung 650, but they're made of cheese so.. avoid them.
  3. Thanks CT, I will have a look see at both of those bikes also. I did see a GSX650F on the roads the other day and they seem to look a bit bulky and heavy, not sure if that was just a passing thought as I saw it but I will investigate further at a dealership.
    Thanks again :)
  4. though I dont have much experience on these things, the one thing I picked up on here that worked for me is to go sit on as many as you can and see what feels right...

    I was leaning towards the sensible lams choice of GS500... Sat on it and just didnt feel right at all.
  5. Be careful with the FZ6R. Yamaha sells it as a learner bike, but it's not on the LAMS list (so technically not legal) - only the naked version is.

    Also, if you're planning on keeping the bike a while be sure to check exactly what is required to legally de-restrict the bike. As in some cases it does require de-registering and re-registering the bike (at a cost around $1,500-2,000).
  6. Nobody ever mentions the Suzuki Gladius SFV650 :(
  7. So are you having to get your bike licence again, sorry but not sure why you are after a LAM's bike when you appear to previously been riding..
  8. SV650S ftw
  9. Correction, FZ6R is LAMS... (I believe the R stands for Restricted)

    It's the FZ6N (naked) and FZ6S (sports) that are NOT LAMS approved models...

    Those LAMS list from road authorities web sites are not updated as regular as you would expect.
  10. The QLD one states that it was updated on Feb 9 this year. Still doesn't list the FZ6R as being approved for learners.

    The Victorian list was updated even more recently (only 3 weeks ago), and yet it also omits the FZ6R.
  11. Hi again all. Thanks heaps for your advice.

    Yes, I have ridden before, but not for 12 years. I let my NSW bike licence lapse when I moved to QLD, so now I must do my LAMS time until I get my opens. Happy to get a LAMS bike for now, then will sell to another eager LAMS'r and move onto something better in a couple of years :) That's the plan. Also want a couple of years on a LAMS to get my bike "groove" back on again, if you know what I mean ha ha

    In QLD I believe the FZ6R is on the LAMS list, but it has not been updated on the QLD transport site.

    So does anyone have any thoughts on the FZ6R? I haven't ridden one yet, I will next week, I did ride a friends Ninja 650RL and I am not sure I am sold. I really want to get a few miles on the Yammie.

    Next weekend I plan on doing A LOT of bike sitting, touching, playing and testing, so thanks heaps again for all your input and advice. Keep it coming :)
  12. Just an update guys. My loan has just been approved. Wooo hooo. Bike shopping next weekend with a bit of pre approved loan purchasing power. Can't wait :)
  13. If you can wait a while there's a new Ducati LAMs bike being released, a 659 Monster. They're due to be released mid year I'm told.

    I'd take one of those over anything else out there, but I'm a Ducati nut so I'm a little biased.
  14. try and get a ride on FZ6R and Ninja 650rl before you buy. I had a go with the restricted throttle and couldn't get past it, just didn't do it for me.

    Had a mate that bought a FZ6R and the throttle restrictor drives him crazy. Good looking LAMS bike though.
  15. That's why I chose an unrestricted bike for my first bike for a natural response from the whole rev range...

    We're all different though and many don't mind the restriction.
  16. The fz6r goes under the name of xj6 on the lams list and both the faired and unfired versions are on the Vic lams list as I'm positive they will also be on the QLD lams list

    Below was posted by an owner of these bikes in the Vic Saturday learner thread refer post #402-415.
  17. Well. Just finished day 1 of the 2 day Q-ride course. It was awesome! I can't recommend HART (Honda Australia Rider Training) at Slacks Creek Qld enough. Great instructor. The Honda CB250's all in excellent condition, practically new! Just a really good day on a fun little bike. Can't wait for tomorrow :)
    As far as the bike debate goes, I have now had about three of four people tell me that the FZ6R is over restricted, and that the throttle only turns about a pinch!!! However the Kawasaki Ninja 650rl you can still turn the throttle about 50%. Has anyone else heard this? I will test it out Friday when I go bike shopping.
    I was also told the Ninja is dead easy to unrestrict, it's just a screw. Is this true?
    I need to make a decision soon, it's all getting so hard as I really like both bikes.
    Need to get out there Friday and test a few more bikes :)
  18. I love my Gladius, it's been a great bike to learn on. It's restricted through the ecu so you get full throttle movement but not a bike you would consider if you were planning on derestricting.
    My only gripe with the bike would be the piss weak headlight which only becomes an issue if you like doing the twisties at night. (3-4am runs through the rnp & old rd rule btw :demon: )
  19. +1 to everything he said.

    Excellent bike. Poor headlight. I've put in a HID in mine and the actual headlight is bad enough that there is no more light spillage to other drivers (had a friend ride towards me in his cage to see if it was bad) than a normal Halogen..

    Hi-beam also aims up to the horizon for some reason and not the road ahead :(
  20. Gday all, well I am now on my RE opens, so I went and............ BOUGHT A BIKE YESTERDAY, woooo hoooooo.

    I can hopefully pick it up before the weekend.

    I ended up getting the Yamaha FZ6R, there is just something about that bike that floats my boat. It fits me perfectly, and it's such a smooth ride. I will post a proper review of it once I get it and have owned it and ridden it for a few weeks :)