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New Lad with no Idea!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 00Dave, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. G'day All!
    I've been keeping an eye on Netrider for a couple of weeks now and I've finally decided to join!
    I've just got my bike Ls (Wednesday) so I'll i'm looking forward to learning from the vast amount of knowledge available! :)
    I'm on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW.

  2. From one Dave to another,, Welcome to Netrider (y)
  3. "Vast amount of knowledge", are you sure you're in the right place? :p

    Welcome to NR, and the wonderful world of 2-wheeled transport. :)
  4. Hey Dave, welcome to NR (y)

    So what bike are you getting?
  5. Thanks for your kind welcomes all. :)
    Two Questions:
    1. I've tried to comment on a couple of 'Classified' posts but it's saying I can't, can someone help me with what i'm doing wrong?
    2. Streetmaster, How do I do a 'nod'?

    Thanks. :)
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  7. Gotta be a paid member for nods too i think?
  8. Thanks for your help! I must need to be a paid member for the 'Nod' too.
    btw, I am currently looking for a bike. Am thinking about a Suzuki GS500 but I'm not sure my budget will stretch that far. :S

    Any Ideas? Budget is about 3k.
  9. Welcome in matey. $10 bucks, a one off charge. Pretty bloody good value for all the shits and giggles here I reckon.


  10. Welcome bloke.

    Nod activates after um 5 posts...
  11. With that budget you're better off looking at ZZR/GPX 250s.
    The GS500 might be a better bike long-term, but not if you get a crap one.
  12. 3k could you a good used one if you look around, and know a thing or 2 about bikes.. or it's a substantial deposit for financing a new bike. The repayments arent through the roof either... usually $50/wk and up depending on the cost of said bike...
  13. Let me guess, you're from Gen Y?

    3k deposit plus $50/week on a bike that will likely only be worth 3k at the end of the first year doesn't make much sense to me.
  14. Welcome mate

    Hopefully you get a nice bike soon enough
  15. Welcome to DaveRider
  16. you trollin' me matie? :rofl: pick pick pick....

    How old do I have to be to belong to Gen Y? Nevermind... just looked it up... I can be part of that gen - since it makes me younger! (y)
  17. You'll get a good GPX 250 for that, I paid 2500 for mine. If you want a gs500 try and find another 1500 bucks otherwise you might be buying something that's gonna need money spent which sorta defeats the purpose. The suggestions will flow, hang around.
  18. It's the internet. You can be any age you want to be :LOL:.
  19. I would prefer to spend $5 or 6, but I'm in the final stages of building a house. So until I can get all the finances in order I don't have a lot to play with. Also, as i live in a coutry(ish) town, I'm a bit concerned a 250 might be a bit painful if I need to ride out in the country a bit. 8-[