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New L-plater WooT

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wypuk, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Hey all
    been a long time reader first time poster...
    just got my Ls and yeah goin thru all the customary family scandals :twisted:
    MWHAHAHA but ye i got a Q to ask all the 'experienced dudes and dudettes
    i might be able to by a spada for round 1k-1.5k from a mate, it needs some work done to it like fork seal, exhaust and MAYBE petrol tank koz its dented :? ye so just wondering if its a good deal
    anything else i should be wary of? (i think chain needs to be changed as well)

    thanx alot guys (and gals)

  2. how many kms on the clock?
  3. Go the spada! I paid $3,300 for mine in top condition aside from minor scrape, so I think if you can get it for $1k go for it. However, I know jack about mechanics etc, so my opinion is really not that valuable in this regard. Sorry!

    A new chain (428, 132 links O-ring) will cost around $120.

    But yeah, go the spada!
  4. If you are going to replace the chain then it is a good idea to swap the sprockets as well. Fortunately, this doesn't cost much. The VT 250 engine is pretty bulletproof and spares are commonly available.

    Thoroughly recommend a pre-purchase inspection by an expert, even when buying from a mate.
  5. i dunno how many Ks the spada has done, i'll find out tho
    the mate has barely ridden it and it hasnt been dropped by him. its got new indicators and tyres, will a dented tank pass roadworthy if it doesnt leak petrol?
  6. Don't worry about prettying the bike up, just make sure the hearts and guts of the beast are running well!

    Congrats on your selection.GO THE SPADA!!!!! :wink:
  7. welcome to the forum dude :)
  8. w00t in the name of 1337ness my friend!
    Congrats on the license, and good luck with your first bike.

    Just make sure when your ready to buy that Spada off your mate, you factor in the cost of all the repairs required... plus RWC & rego. You may find out it's cheaper to buy another bike. ;)
  9. welcome to the forum
  10. Welcome to insanity! Is the bike registered if so it will need a RWC this will vary depending on where you live as regs vary from state to state. If un reg you will have to pay that on top of any repairs. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is & this sounds way too cheap! Get a reputable bike mechanic to thoroughly check it out & tell you honestly what it will cost you! What year of build/compliance how many k's any service history etc!
  11. Ye i kno insurance and reg are gonna be a killer :(
    i got rego and insurance coming up on the good ol camry and money is tight
    the bikes cheap koz he bought it thru an auction place and thats why its goin for so cheap
    grrr i dunno if 1.5k is in my budget tho :(:( might have to go sell myself somewhere for extra cash

    how much do fork seals cost to do?
    and i prob wont get insurance koz i wont be riding it much
  12. Bought it thru an auction place is it a wreck if so make sure it's a repairable wreck! if purchase price isn't in your budget now pull out & go save a shit load, tyres will last a year at most! regular servicing & unforseen mech failures will kill you! What area do you live in?
  13. Bond Girl wrote
    Let me guess :-k Your going to plug Mike at OCD Racing again :LOL:
  14. Regarding his dented fuel tank, is there any issues with this? I have an opportunity to buy a CBR fairly cheap that also has a small dent on the tank. How hard/easy are these to fix ?