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New L plater needing cruiser advice.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pete AU, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    Just got my L's in Perth today. Test was easy. 15 common sense questions, $50 odd bucks, see you in a few months for your prctical test...

    Now comes the hard part, actually learning to ride.

    I really want a cruiser style bike and have narrowed it down to a
    Hyosung GV250.

    However, Ive recently seen adds for the Pagsta Cruisa 250 - 5K new. They look nice, but I havent heard much about them. How do they compare. Are either of them good learner bikes?

    Cheers all
  2. well done & welcome.
  3. I think those guys make 'toy' bikes - y'know the 50 and 110cc varieties. Personally I'd go with the Hyosung. Guys and girls here seem to have nothing too bad to say about them.

    http://www.ereleases.com/pr/2004-pagsta.pdf As seen here.
  4. Welcome, Pete, congrats, and I vote with James, go the 'real' bike.....
  5. grats on the L's, i only got mine not long ago and my first bike is the aquila. fantastic i couldnt be happier (atleast not till im good enough to get the triumph bonneville i want :grin: ). i got handed the aquila at only 8 weeks old from my partner who also got it for his first ride but being a well built man he kinda outgrew it a little too quick and went for a kawasaki vulcan when he got his exemption approved. all in all we both love the hyosung and really i have no reason to ditch it yet other than the fact i just think the triumph looks so damn sweet.

  6. Love the title of the pic Sher :p

    I think the 250 Hyosung cruiser looks nicer than the larger cruisers they make. Infact bar the honda cruisers, they have the nicest 250 cruiser imo.
  7. Depending on your size don't bother with the smaller cruisers on your L's.
    I made the mistake of getting a Virago 250 for my L's and I am 6 foot and weigh around 100kg's (cough, maybe a little more).
    It had no guts once it got to about 90ks and it was hell to pass my test for my P's on it. I passed the test but it was difficult because the cruisers just aren't designed for the kind of slow speed stuff they test you on here in the ACT.
    I sold it after getting my P's for a GS500F. This is a much better bike to learn on. Zippy (zippy enough for a year anyway), agile and fairly cheap.
    I'm actually really happy with the bike.
  8. thx. yeh look i have to say i havnt seen any others 250 cruisers that make the grade when it comes to looks compared to the hyosung. im not a huge lass so it looks pretty good size wise for me also. and the candy apple colour is just swell!! oh how i love my bike :applause:
  9. oh great thanks stookie!!! now im not loving the aquila so much, sweet looking ride u had
  10. Congrats on your 'L's. I've been riding for 2 years and love every moment of it.

    Bought a Virago 250cc myself and, for me, it was the BEST bike to learn on. But as BigScotty found out - if you are tall it's too small. Although I didn't have his problem with lack of speed, only on them thar hills.

    Now I am searching for a good bike for a tall person - but hubby refuses to let me get a Triumph Rockett III :LOL: What a spoilsport.
  11. mmmm, those rocket IIIs look sweet. Have you sat on one yet?
  12. Maybe have a look at the Kawasaki VN250 too. Has the advantage of a 6 speed gearbox. Seat height and wheelbase are identical to the Honda (690mm and 1620mm respectively) but has 20mm more ground clearance according to the spec sheet, a slightly bigger fuel tank and it's a whisker lighter then the Honda. Not sure which would be faster (anyone got 0 - 100 and 1/4 times?)

    The Aquila and the Honda VT250 / V25 / whatever they call it this week are both pretty damn good bikes though and I'd just go with what you like.
  13. Yes Vani, I did and they are soooo nice. Surprised it didn't feel heavier.

    Friend is suggesting a Honda Deauville, which is another option. Still like the Rocket..... actually I keep mentioning it to p*ss him off!! :LOL:
  14. Nice, very nice....... Mt Hotham?
  15. lolololol, my partner has fallen in love with the bonnieville t100 so i can picture 2 brit bikes in the garage.
    I do quite like the look of the honda valkyrie also
  16. Hi all - being a recent graduate of the Motorcycle School of Cruisers, I will offer what I can. I have said this before - try a Search for more info:

    The GV250 is a great looker and rides pretty well. Boogieman had, I believe, around 3 years on one and could tell you far more than I could about them.

    The V25C (Honda) seems to be the most popular of the 250 cruisers, and I've seen one do good speeds 2 up. They're obviously popular for a reason.

    The Eliminator 250 is a 6 speed, and the bike I was hunting for when getting a 250. Found them hard to find and pricey.

    The Virago is bulletproof but smaller. Good learners bike if you're an appropiate size. Fairly nimble for a cruiser-style bike, but terrible if you're a large person (like me...) The other Yamaha offering, the XVS250 is larger. No idea how they ride though.

    Just remember the main things about cruisers - if you want to go around corners at 60 degrees and 240kph, then a cruiser is not for you. If you want to be able to stop quickly and take off quicker, a cruiser is not for you. If you want a bike that is comfortable, laid back, stylish, easy to ride and NOISY, then get yourself a cruiser.

    Don't waste too much money on your 250 though - the bigger ones are SO much better - everything you love about your 250 cruiser will be better on the new one (apart from the weight, the big ones are HEAVY), and the things you didn't like about it will be gone. I stepped from a Virago to a Road Star (250 to a 1600) and it was heaven. I've done more k's in a month on the 'Star than I did in 15 on the 250.
  17. Thanks for all the advice guys.

    I'm not real big - 175cm, not real heavy 75Kg. So I guess it should be fine in that department.

    But, I live in the Hills, which is where I want to ride. Anyone that knows the Rolystone area knows what a nice ride you'd get.

    Are there any 250's that can hack the Hills?
  18. Sure are, most sports / naked sports would to a degree, some better than others. I had somebody on a v25custom hand my butt to me through the hills and twisties. Keep it on the boil and they do alright.