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New Kwaka ZX10

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gixxa Freddy, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. I think it looks the goods

  2. Looks are so-so

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  3. I think your a tosser and should keep your opinion to yourself

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  1. I thought that Kawasaki couldn't make their ZX10 any uglier.


    From the front, this bike is one of the ugliest I have seen. Anyone who buys it will be buying it based on performance or they have no taste. It's a shame because the reviews sound like it would be a great ride.

    Just had to tell someone my opinion. Sorry if I offended any Kwak fans but you need a slap in the face to make you wake up to yourself. :rofl: :rofl:

    Forgot to add butt ugly to the poll. Man, I am a tosser.
  2. personally i dont like the look of any of the 08 model jab litrebikes. while the R6 looks hot and aggressive i recon the r1 look like a bug waiting to be squished. the new cbr looks like its lost all its sharp lines but i havent seen one in the flesh. dont like the gixxxer front end either and the kwakas i always thought were pretty average in the looks department.

    on another note love the r6 , cbr600rr and the 675. and then there are the duc 1098/848 which have to be the hottest looking things on the market.
  3. Sounds like you can't afford one mate.
  4. Spot on, pro-pilot, but if I could afford one it wouldn't be the Kwaka. See if you can guess where my brand loyalty lies. Clue, look at my avatar. :grin:
  5. I think I agree with the other poster, in that none of the new 08 line up look especially endearing.
    However, there is much to be said for being able to play with the latest technology.

    I am waiting for the 08 blade. Ugly, but power to wieght ratio and flickability seems very tempting. Also the 08 kawa is on the cards, so is the 1098.

    Problem is that you can't have em all!!

    So just waiting to test ride them in a bit of a head to head!!
  6. I have to admit, I am not a fan of the K8 thou. If I was to buy a newish thousand it would be a K5-K6 Gixxer. I'm happy with my 600 and personally think the K5 600-750 is the best looking Gixxer so far.
  7. There are 2 ugly facets of the new 10. The exhaust and the indicators. The exhaust is an aftermarket manufacturers dream, everyone will replace it. The mirrors, easy fix, just put gixxer integrated ones on it. That's what I'II do if I get one.
    For me it's a choice of 3,

    and I'm f#cked if I can put one clearly ahead of the other at the moment :(
  8. There's a difference between the '08 and '07 model? :-s
  9. Does it really matter what it looks like coming out of the showroom?

    Remember there is always aftermarket fairings and such you can add to it later on.
  10. I don't like the mirrors, the exhaust, the headlights, the air duct, the shape of the upper fairing, the profile of the front, the area between the headlights and the gauges.

    I do like the tail of the bike. Put a nice fender eliminator on it and change the exhaust, its the sexiest ass that a Kwaka has had.
  11. The japanese have lost the plot with their styling. I'm getting off restrictions, I've got the money to upgrade, and looks wise, not one bike is making me say "I must have you". It's frustrating.

    I've got a soft spot for kwakas, but that thing looks like shiite. It hasn't grown on me at all. I saw a black 07 ZX10 with the twin under seat exhausts replaced by one on the side, and that looked awesome. It really cleaned up the tail nicely and gave the bike a whole different look. You can get a new 07 for $15000+orc at the moment. That's bang for your buck.
  12. I thought that the last generation of ZX10 looked too porky and round. I like more angular looking bikes but the new one just looks wrong.
  13. It does look a bit cross eyed..
  14. I'm reserving comment until I see one in the metal.
  15. Meh...
    With a custom exhaust, tail tidy and shorty indicator mirrors, she will be hot!
    I am more interested in the rwhp of 170 outta the box.
    A PCIII will make it a flogger! :grin:

    But it is true to say, you have to see these things in the flesh to see if its for you.

    I think that the CBR1000 08 looks uglier, but its also growing on me!
  16. Saw one of these in the Shop when I was picking up my kle500, Man it looked nice, black and red flames. or is that the 07 model?. :D

    But then again beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.... no wait beholder...

    Also might help if you added a picture or two.. :p

    Still looks good... :)
  17. wow, that exhaust does suck!
  18. Yeah mate. That one is the 07 SE model. They are a great bike.
    The thing is that this bike has been now re-designed from the ground up.
    It also punches out some mind bending power.

    Agree with Joel, that exhaust is an abortion. Arrow pipe is a must!
  19. 08 Gixxer thou in orange and black for me... :twisted:
  20. The bike in road trim is butt ugly. Headlights that give it a cross eyed look and an exhaust that makes the bike look as though it is carrying around a dunce hat. I won't even begin to describe the awkwardness of the indicators and mirrors.
    However in race trim.... remove the passenger pegs, mirrors/indicators and number plate bracket as well as replace the exhaust and give it some race body work that smooths over the head lights and I think it'll look pretty good.
    It is certainly a bike that I cannot wait to test ride.