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New Kwaka z750

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Prez, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I've had her for just over a week now, bought brand new. It is my first upgrade so I'm still getting used to the extra power. Having said that, it is a lot smoother than my old bike and quite a lot more stable to ride despite the extra weight. I'm thinking of doing a few upgrades soon, getting rid of that massive piece of plastic at the rear will be one of the first things, as well as a new exhaust.

    I've decided to go for this bike because I wanted something sporty as well as comfortable for commuting. I've also gotten used to riding without a fairing so I thought I'll just continue the trend.

    I've started a "running in a new bike" thread about a week ago and got some really useful tips on breaking the engine in.

    cheers. :grin:




  2. Ohhhhh Shiny
  3. overall its a nice looking bike.congrats.
    in my opinion though i find that every new japanese bike has some kind of feature that makes them absolutely hideous.and those big ugly mud guards protruding out of the short tails is one of them.
    the styling of jap sports bikes is becoming wierd imo.
  4. Well I like it!!
    Cool colour too

  5. Congrats. The z750 is a love or hate bike. I dig them.
  6. VERY nice bike - looks hawt mate, congrats!
  7. Nice bike! I'd have picked orange aswell :grin:
  8. I've always like the big Kawas, but they're just trying tooo hard with the 'praying mantis' styling. Those huge mirrors could go, too, surely?
  9. =P~ Nice Nice, very Nice
  10. real nice bike ...nd a good choize of colour :)
    zeh |_|b3R l337 kawasaki !!! :twisted:
  11. I don't think they always consider the legalities of their designs until they are at an advanced stage of the design. Different countries have different design rules, so generally they start with the basic concept (which probably looked great) and then modified it to make it legal in the intended market by adding huge mirrors, indicators, mudguards etc.
  12. well I reckon it looks HOT :cool:

    very nice upgrade choice and I love the colour

  13. Congrats, good choice of colour too :grin:
  14. Have one exactly the same, You will love every moment with it. I have found it to be really nimble in traffic. more power then you can use. and that colour is the best thing at night. lotsa visibility.

    congrats made good choice
  15. Nice bike, like the plates too :wink: :cool: Do we call you Grissom now? :LOL:
  16. Very nice bike, love the zed's
  17. Good choice in bike mate, it looks awsome.
    I just got rid of the mud guard on mine and put on a hugger and eliminator kit, damn it looks soooooo much hotter for it. So do it, dress her up a bit she will love you for it :grin: .
  18. Im so jealous! Such a hot machine....*sighs* Once I get my P's the year is going to go so slowly. Congrats and enjoy.
    Oh P.S - I love Kawasaki colours.
  19. Thanks for the love everyone.

    I'll make sure to post updated photos in the garage section once I start upgrading bits and pieces.
  20. I have the unfortunate pleasure of parking my piece of crap next to this each morning at work, as prez is an old bastard and while he got his L's 6 months after me, he's already on his full license ](*,)

    sigh. 84 days, 8 hours, 14 minutes and 58 seconds to go. :p