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New KTM owner in NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dukenukem, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. New rider, new toy. Just checking in to say hi. Name is Neil, live on the north shore, 31, like long walks along the beach etc. etc.

    Had my L's for about 3 weeks now, picked up my new toy 2 weeks ago. Got it for fun, always been keen on bikes. Discovered it also makes my daily commute much cheaper also. Ride is a '14 KTM Duke 390. Couple of tasty mods like akra exhaust. Had my fair share of done up cars and have learnt to leave most things alone if you just want to enjoy it each and every day.

    Here it is:


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  2. Welcome and congrats on the best LAMS bike that exists. Good luck if you need spares (but seriously, that's a great ride).
  3. Welcome Mate, enjoy the ride

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Welcome to you and your ride Neil.
  5. Welcome and I have to agree that is one nice looking bike
  6. Great LAMS bike, well done.
    Careful you don't get the Orange Crush; can chew through the $.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome all. I was doing my homework on LAMS bikes for quite a while. I was leaning towards some of the larger ones purely from the view that I'm too old and lazy to be buying and selling again in the near future.

    I checked out a few and quickly discovered I liked the idea of having something small and nimble particularly to learn on. I settled on the duke because I felt it was something I would also be happy to keep in the garage even after my restrictions were removed.
  8. you won't be disappointed:)
  9. That looks nice mate, will be a great trade in on the 1290 when u get your blacks ;-)
  10. Pop in to the learners training at Homebush on Saturdays if you need to prep for your P's. Normally followed by a short ride.
  11. Yeah, I'll be there on Saturday
  12. I'm currently still planning on popping in there on Sat to assist- so might get the chance to meet.
  13. Cool. See u there.
  14. Hi Dukenukem. I'm also interested in getting on a Duke 390 as my first LAMS bike. Just wondering how yours was getting along since you've owned it for a while now. Any issues? Reliable? How much have your servicing costs been? Any info will be greatly appreciated :)
  15. MotomanMotoman also have a chat with GeorgeOGeorgeO as well. George takes his mighty duke to track days as well.
    I think there may even be a whole thread about dukes somewhere on NR as well.

    PS if you want to tag someome put the @ in front then type their name. On a pc usually a pull down list of names will appear and click on the one you want. With idiotpad you have to type the lot
  16. G'day and welcome, Neil. Very nice photos of your Duke too, great choice of bike.