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New Knee or New foot pegs ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by seveprim, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Yeah they got some foot pegs for fat guys too!

  2. Loose weight and the bike will forgive ya!

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  1. Ok I ride GSXR750 Jap import trouble is my knees are getting fatter or less flexible ... now I done the standard raise the bike and added padding to the seat and all that ..

    I feel that it being a jap import it was really setup for a tiny asain with no shins(length) ... as I dont want to lose weight or shorten my legs I am wondering is there an option for changing the foot pegs (mounts) or would they be a custom job .. and if so who or where can i get hold of them !!!!

    I love the bike but have always hated the foot posi.. it just never seemed right does anyone have a trick ? You know like swaping the left with right or something like that ?

    If no one knows I guess the knee is just going to have to give OUCH!!!!
  2. contact frozzie connections, they import a gadget that goes onto the foot peg bracket that can be moved around in different positions to suit you. Its called a *move* footpeg, his number is 02 6689 5716
    Lot cheaper than rearsets.
  3. Tanya's got the solution, but for your health's sake you should try and keep you weight down, for all the nanny reasons they give us, diabetes, heart, etc, Better to be riding comfortably when your 60 that not, eh?
  4. Thanks Tanya will check it out .. and yeah Hornet ya got a point but I get lazy ... and then My knee pays ... and then that is usally enough to get me going .. lol Thanks guys